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***REVIEW*** Nothing But The Truth by Vicky Pattison

Vicky Pattison always had big dreams, but four years ago she was working in a call centre in Newcastle and those dreams looked like they might never come true. Could a new reality series, Geordie Shore, be the big break she had been waiting for? Chosen from among thousands of hopefuls to take part in the controversial show, outspoken and outrageous Vicky was an immediate hit. Finally she was on her way to becoming a star . . .

Living your life on screen isn't always easy, however, and Vicky soon found herself struggling to cope: her relationship was toxic, her weight ballooning and her self-esteem in tatters. It looked like the glamorous and confident Vicky Pattison everyone knew was gone for good.

But you can't keep a good Geordie girl down and now, for the first time, Vicky will reveal how she has turned her life around - and dish the dirt on what really goes on in the Geordie Shore house.

And Vicky's not afraid to turn the spotlight on herself, exposing the sensitive soul underneath her famously tough exterior and speaking frankly about her battle with her weight, her run-ins with the law and the painful truth about her tempestuous relationship with castmate Ricci.

It's time for Vicky Pattison to tell the truth, the whole truth and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.


I grabbed this book first chance I had in Asda, but unfortunately I was busy reading a book already so had to finish that before I could read Nothing But The Truth. Once I did pick it up though, I could hardly put it down! 

I have recently caught up with all seasons of Geordie Shore, even after I said I would never watch it when it first appeared on our TVs. To be honest, I thought the same as everyone else, what a bunch of twonks, making fools of themselves and giving Geordies a bad name. BUT... since watching it, I love it, and love watching new episodes each week. Vicky is one of my favourite GS people (along with Charlotte), so I was excited about reading her biography.

Right, onto the book. I actually really enjoyed reading this. Vicky is a loud, brash, confident lady on the outside, but after reading her book, I found she can also be a very scared, sad, and lonely person too. I was rather surprised at reading about how low, down, and insecure she became after her relationship with Ricci. 

It was nice to read what Vicky done for a living before GS, I ever knew anything about 'VIP Vicky', and it was interesting to see how much she done in the clubs, working almost every night! But as you find out, although she loved the job working the VIP areas, she also got a lot of stick for it.

In all honesty, after watching series 1 of Geordie Shore, I disliked Vicky...a lot. But as she admits in her book, a lot of her good side wasn't shown on air, the producers wanted to paint her ad the 'bitch' of the group, therefore only showed her nasty side. Once I moved on through GS, I started seeing a different side to her. I was shocked at how, even thought there are no scripts at all, the producers have so much input as to what goes on in GS. Vicky mentions about her break up with Dan, a while after Ricci entered the GS house. On screen it made Vicky out to be a two-timer, getting with Ricci behind Dans back, where as in reality, she had recently broken up with Dan while taking a small break in the middle of filming GS. The producers didn't want any of that to get out, as they had wanted her to break up with him on air, therefore no one knew her and Dans relationship had ended before her and Ricci started dating properly. Little things like this that are mentioned throughout the book, make you realise a lot of what you see on the TV, although it is real, is also put together after filming in a very sneaky way.

I watched Ex On The Beach after only seeing 1 season of GS, therefore met Ricci before he was on GS. I remember thinking 'he doesn't seem that bad, he seems quiet. Vicky must be painting a bad picture of him with him being her ex'. It was only when watching the way Vicky seemed to change on GS, that I realised what a knob he actually is. And reading the book just clarified that even more. I'm glad Vicky has moved on and seems happy now.

Vicky s book Nothing But The Truth, is very eye opening. I would recommend this to and Geordie Shore fan, or to someone who has painted a picture of Vicky badly from hearing and reading media. 

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  1. I don't watch the TV series and I'm not a fan of all those types of shows anyway. But glad you enjoyed the book.


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