Sunday, 16 June 2013

My Blogoversay in 73 days, anyone want to help out?

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Hi Everyone!

It's my blogoversary in 73 days! My blog will be 1 year old on August 28th :D

So I'm thinking of doing a few giveaways each day in the last week running up to the day, then an amazon UK giftcard giveaway on the day.

I am asking very kindly (and blowing you all kisses at the same time lol) if anyone would like to help out and give away a copy of one of their books from their backlist, a specific book, or something else.

If you would like to help out by doing this (and you can choose what you'd like to give away, please email me at and I'll put your name and gift down on the list.

Thanks ever so much peeps, hope you're all having a good Sunday, and hope all the daddys out there are having a nice fathers day :D

Much love, Dee xx


  1. I am about to email you!
    I love the new look on your blog! :)


  2. I'll drop you an email :) Happy early Blogiversary, too!

  3. Count me in. I'm donating a copy of His Guardian Witch.

  4. I'm in. Sending you an email now. :-)


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