Sunday, 2 June 2013

Time for another #SexySnippets!

Hi guys! Welcome back to another sexy snippet from me!
I know I haven't been around much with my writing, but I am slowly but surely getting there!

So time for another snippet huh? Well here are my sexy seven from my WIP A Princess Wish. This is the first book I started writing. Isobel has found a strange sey man on the veranda of her castle bedroom. What will happen? ;)

           "Don't do that Isobel, don't cover up your beautiful body, I want to see you", he growled.
She obeyed and stood straight for her mystery man. As he stone in front of her, she admired him. He was tall, roughly 6 foot she guessed. His muscled bulged through his tight t-shirt he wore, and as she looked down she realised his muscles above weren't the only ones bulging. He seemed to like her naked, and his cock was looking quite hard.
          "You wished for me Isobel, here I am. I'm here to pleasure you in any way I can". 

Hope you enjoyed, let me know what you think. 

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  1. OH wow, am i GLAD you joined in this week....

  2. Oh hello. Can I get a wish too? Love it Dee.

  3. Hmm, what did she wish on? Curious minds would like to know :)

    Fab snippet Dee. Glad I got a chance to see some of your writing. More please.


  4. Oh, I do like it when wishes come true! Write faster, Dee. I want to read the rest of this!

    1. Thanks Doris. I'll try to get my arse in gear lol!

  5. Lovely snippet, Dee. I want to have a wish like that, too!

  6. Very sexy snippet! Thank you :)

  7. I like her wish ;-) A very sexy snippet, Dee!

  8. Can I wish for him too? Write faster, woman. :)


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