Thursday, 10 January 2013

Bucket List! Do you have one?

So after reading the book 'The Further Adventures of an Idiot Abroad' by Karl Pilkington, and it all being about doing stuff from the top 100 bucket list, I've been thinking about it.

Do you have a bucket list? Have you done many things from it?

I don't have one. But below is the one Karl used for his adventures, which is made up of the most common 100 things from peoples bucket lists.

Have you done any of these stuff?

1. Fly in a fighter jet
2. Climb Sydney Harbor Bridge
3. Spend a night on your own private desert island
4. Drive a Formula 1 Car
5. Ride the Rocky Mountaineer train in Canada
6. Fly in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon
7. See elephants in the wild 8. Explore Antarctica
9. Climb Mount Everest
10. Travel into space
11. Ride a camel to the Pyramids
12. Travel the Trans-Siberian Railway
13. Catch sunset over Ayres Rock
14. Go wing-walking on a bi-plane
15. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
16. Come face-to-face with mountain gorillas in their natural habitat
17. Gamble in Las Vegas
18. See orang-utans in Borneo
19. Spot a polar bear on the ice
20. Swim with dolphins
21. Get into the Guinness Book of World Records
22. Watch a Sumo match
23. Drink a beer at Oktoberfest
24. Participate in La Tomatina
25. Cross a country on a bike
26. Master a musical instrument
27. Spend a night in a haunted house
28. Meet someone with with your own name
29. Ride the world’s biggest rollercoasters
30. Scuba dive at the Great barrier Reef
31. Complete a bungee jump
32. Paraglide from mountain
33. Go ice-climbing
34. Skydive from a plane
35. Experience base jumping
36. Meet the Dalai Lama
37. Research your family tree
38. Go up in a hot air balloon
39. Try a jet pack
40. See a space shuttle launch
41. Meet your idol
42. Cycle a leg of the Tour de France
43. See the northern lights
44. See the glaciers before they melt
45. Learn a martial art
46. Get a complete makeover
47. Learn another language
48. Drive a Cadillac along Route 66
49. Leave a job you hate
50. Become a vegetarian for a week
51. Stand at the North or South Pole
52. Visit every USA state
53. Be part of flash mob
54. Visit the Seven Wonders of the World
55. Explore the Galapagos Islands
56. Spend the night in an igloo
57. Spend 24 hours in a jungle
58. Stand on the international date line
59. Learn to fly a plane
60. Go Storm-chasing into Tornado Alley
61. Get a tattoo and/or piercing
62. Invent something
63. Ride something bigger than a horse
64. Build your own house
65. Skinny dip at midnight
66. Run a marathon
67. Join the Mile High Club
68. Be an extra in a film
69. Protest at a demonstration
70. Run with the bulls in Pamplona
71. Canoe up the Nile River
72. Continue your gene pool
73. Write a novel
74. Visit Angel Falls in Venezuela
75. Trek the Inca Trail on Machu Picchu
76. Climb Mount Fuji
77. Sleep under the stars
78. Ride the gondola in Venice
79. Have lunch with the Queen of England
80. Walk the Great Wall of China
81. Do some charity work
82. Experience a full moon party
83. See Mount Rushmore
84. Go on an African safari
85. See the statues on Easter Island
86. Touch an iceberg
87. Shake hands with Pope
88. Climb an active volcano
89. Go to Burning Man Festival in California
90. Partake in a Japanese tea ceremony
91. Float in the Dead Sea
92. Jump from a cliff into sea
93. Swim the English Channel
94. Take part in a fire-walking ceremony
95. Drive or ‘mush’ a dog sled
96. Spend the Fourth of July in the USA
97. Go whale-watching
98. Live with the Masai people
99. See the wildebeest migration in the Masai Mara
100. Hunt with tribe

I've done 4! And they are the easy ones lol!

Get a complete makeover
Done this when I was 18, me and a friend won a makeover. It was fab! Sounds cheesy but we loved it, the photos came out gorgeous! Didn't buy them though, they were a rip-off!

Leave a job you hate
Yes I left a job I hated, my first job working at a clothes store when I was 16.

Get a tattoo and/or piercing
I got my eyebrow pierced when I was 16, didn't last long though as the skin over the bat grew very thin and I eventually had to take it out. I have a scar though! And I now have 9 tattoos!

Continue your Gene pool
Well this is done! I have my 2 gorgeous children, who have their problems, but are wonderful non the less, and I love them more than anything in the whole world!!!!

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