Thursday, 3 January 2013


As you can see over there >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (to the right of my blog lol), I have tickers! Counting how many words I've written.

Yes, that means I have now announced to the world (or my readers anyway) that I am actually writing! I haven't told many people about this, only my other half and my sister know, and some good friends I've recently made.

I have only done tickers for certain stories, ones I am hoping may be taken on by a publisher at some point after much writing and editing.

So friends, be happy for me and wish me well on my writing endeavours. Family... well.... please look away as I don't think you'd want to be reading what I am writing! ;D

Thank you to the people who have spurred me on and told me not to give up on my writing when times have been a bit tough (you know who you are), and thank you to the fantastic authors who have made me believe I can do this too!!

Dee xx


  1. Good for you, for following your dream and best wishes on your writing. Hopefully, we'll see your books on the shelves soon.

    1. Thank You Kiru! Your well wishes mean a lot to me!



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