Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Wednesdays Words are here!

Hi All!!
I've decided a random post once a week to just rabble on about anyrhing would be good on my blog, especially as I've not been reading lots lately so haven't been posting much. So in order to keep my blog going here is Wednesdays Words where I will post my thoughts on whatever is on my mind at the time! It sometimes may not make a great deal of sense lol, but sometimes I don't make much sense anyway! Hope you'll all keep checking it out :)


Kids songs in my house. Oh my word they are annoying me at the moment! Both of my children have been diagnosed with autism, and have very repetitive behaviours. Which means if a song is in their heads, it will be sang continously throughout the day :/

My daughters favorite songs at the minute are 'Living On A Prayer', 'Because We Can' by Bon Jovi, and 'Every Road Leads Home To You' by Richie Sambora. I know I should be grateful that she's no longer singing Old MacDonald all day long, and of course I'm a massive Bon Jovi fan, but hearing these songs 256 million times a day, I'm starting to sing them all day too! I swear I woke up this morning and automatically started with 'Tommy used to work on the docks...'. 

Not kids songs I know. One kids song that's really really irritating me though is 'The wheels on the bus'. I'm sure when I was younger it had like 3/4 verses, now there seems to be around 10! Whoever keeps adding all these extra people on this bus needs to stop (and check their health and safety issues, as I'm sure that many people on that little bus isn't allowed!). Chloe gets confused with some words sometimes and was singing this the other day, and said 'the Mormon on the bus says shh shh shh', took me a while to figure out she meant woman lol :)

 All we hear all day is nursery rhymes or songs from kids programmes. And don't get me started on Christmas songs! Chloe has been obsessed with them since august! Christmas lasts one day and I've been hearing 'Jingle Bell Rock' for 5 months!

Phew! My first random post, and I hope it went down well.

How do you feel about Children's songs? Any you love or hate? Does your child like to sing chart songs? I'd love to hear from ya in the comments!
Until next Wednesday guys, have fun and keep singing! 

Dee xx

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