Thursday, 28 March 2013

20 This or That Questions with... Doris O'Connor!!!!

Well hello again! 

Back to 20 This or That Questions with the fantastic Ms Doris O'Connor!

Come on in Doris, would you like a drink? Pull up a seat and lets get to chatting!


Sweet or savoury? Sweet

Salad or sandwich? Sandwich

Macdonalds or Burger King? Burgerking

White meat or red meat? White meat


Bon Jovi or Guns n Roses? Bon Jovi :D

Movie or book? Book

Movies or TV shows? Tv Shows

Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? Harry Potter

Damon or Stefan? Damon of course.I couldn't agree more!

True Blood or Vampire Diaries? True Blood – hmm, Eric Northman Okay.... I will fight you for him!

Friends or Sex and the City? Friends

Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Trek Ooh, a trekkie!


Dominance or submission? Submission

Kisses or hugs? Both

Bath or shower? Bath

Call or text? Text

Date night: stay in or go out? Go out

Singing or dancing? Lol both, done very badly. It's all in the name of fun lol!

Vanilla or kink?  Kink

Cotton or satin? Satin
Fab answers! Thanks so much for stopping by Doris! As always you're welcome anytime!


  1. love this series.. And er who is Eri... Okay stop throwing things... :)
    great clues into the murky mind of Ms. O'C.

    1. Eric is well..... gorgeous! ;) Thanks for popping in Raven!

      Great answers from Doris!

  2. *ignores Raven's attempt to wind her up* ;-)

    Thanks for having me, Dee. These were fun.

  3. Love it....although i am more of a cotton lady....just saying! hhaha

  4. Raven, I will calmly put down the easter egg I was about to throw at you! How can you not know who sexy Eric is!! Tis a crime I say :-) x

  5. I thought the same thing Samantha ;)


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