Monday, 18 March 2013

Books I've recently bought/freebies

Thought I'd do a new books post since I've not been on here much recently. That's what a cold and chest infection will do to you! 

Anyway, last night I purchased 5 books from Evernight Publishing (they had 50% sale for St Patricks Day). 
  • Will You Dance Miss Laurence by RavencAllan
  • Mr Satisfaction Garenteed - Natasha by Doris O'connor
  • Jackie and her loose talk by Jorja Lovett
  • The Good Sister part 1 by London St James
  • The Good Sister part 2 by London St James

For my kindle I've also bought:
  • His Secret Dancer by Faberge Nostromo
  • You Can't Cure Au-some-tism by Jack Gunthridge
  • Hot Flashes by various authors

Paperback I have bought:
  • In Too Deep by Portia Da Costa
  • The Stranger by Portia Da Costa

I was given a copy of 12 by Melissa Hosack free in return for a review so this is next on my to read list. 

When am I ver going to get round to reading all of these?!?!


  1. I know that feeling. I'm on week two of reading one book, I usually finish in 2/3 days, there just isn't enough hours at the moment. Also I should really sort out an account for this, it's on my to-do list :) Stacey x

    1. Well I got through 3 books yesterday! (12, Will you Dance Miss Laurence and Mr Satisfaction Garenteed!).

      And yes girl! Sort out an account!!!!!


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