Thursday, 21 March 2013

20 This or That Questions with... Raven McAllan!!!!!!

Today I am starting my '20 This or That Questions', and my first Victim is The spectacular Raven McAllan! *Insert evil grin here!!!*

Welcome Raven, pull up a chair (or I'll tie you to one!), grab a drink of choice (my bar is highly stocked with alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages!), and spill the beans!

Hi Dee, make mine a wine please :)

Sweet or savoury? sweet... I'm a chocoholic... Especially when It's been in the fridge
Salad or sandwich? Hmm, as I can't eat gluten, it's got to be a salad. but then I need to check ingredients in the mayo, coleslaw etc. I make a mean coleslaw now! That must be frustrating Raven!
Macdonalds or Burger King? Sadly neither, cos of gluten in them. WHY they have to bulk out with gluten filled products is beyond me. 
White meat or red meat? I love chicken, but also love a well cooked steak. Unashamed carnivore that's me. Me too lol!

Bon Jovi or Guns n Roses? ER lol. This is me... Now if you said The Rolling Stones or The Beatles ( A draw) Cliff or Elvis ( Cliff) or even Clapton or Dylan ( early Dylan all of Clapton) :O Bon Jovi rule!! I love a bit of Elvis to myself, but Cliff??
Movie or book? Book every time. I hate the cinema, get bored in a movie. *ducks*
Movies or TV shows? Do you know, I'm not really a TV person. It's background noise. I'll sort of watch the rugby and the Grand Prix. Have half an ear listening to things like The Antiques Road show, and such,but DH despairs. He'll be watching something, leave the room, come back and say, who scored, or what's happened. I'm like eh?  I listen to the radio, but even that isn't necessary. I love the sound of silence! (And the song.)
Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? I gave up on both of them after a few chapters. So not my thing. Yes, I'm one of the few.
Damon or Stefan Salvatore? who? I do not know what to say to that! Google image woman!
True Blood or Vampire Diaries? Um... Shall I just go home now? I do like the Jace Everett signature tune for True blood though. However I'm a wuss, I hate anything remotely nasty.
Friends or Sex and the City? Now Yee HAAA I can answer this. I've watched lots of Friends because when my daughter lived at home we watched them together. In fact we watched the very last episode in a Bar in Rhodes on our very first mum-daughter only holiday. They played the very first before hand with subtitles and them as the last episode came on with sound, wondered why the bar went silent. And when Ross is shouting "did she get off the...?"  and he gets his answer.... the place erupted. I totally agree with you! Best episode ever!
Star Wars or Star Trek? um never watched either... comes under the nasty banner lo... yes my nasty banner is incredibly random, I agree.

Dominance or Submission? depends on the mood... Hmmmm
Kisses or hugs? depends on who it is... sometimes I prefer a handshake. Air kisses are the pits!
Bath or shower? Shower to get clean. Bath to relax read, plot, plan and drink fizz
Call or text? usually text cos 'll get involved in writing and forget to call. Sad but true
Date night: stay in or go out? tends to be stay in these days. Or it's a date overnight in a hotel so no one has to worry about driving.
Singing or dancing? I can't sing for toffee, however I do sometimes sing along to music in the car. I love dancing.
Vanilla or a bit of kink? Ice cream? Oh def vanilla? Kink? Hmm depends what you call kink...
Cotton or satin? cotton in the sun.. silk in the... in the where was that? ;)

Thanks Raven! Fantastic answers! That last episode of Friends was amazing wasn't it!

And to top things off, Ravens latest Regency, 'A Rose Between The Thornes', the sequel to the best selling Rogue Scandals, To Please A Lady  is out on Friday from Make sure you get hold of a copy! And guess what folks?! Lucky me, It's hot off the press and on my Kindle, ready to read (Courtesy of the very lovely Raven herself)!!! :D

You gotta love her don't ya!

Check back next Thursday to see who my next victim will be ;) Mwah-ha-ha!!


  1. That Raven is a very interesting woman for sure! Although I'd have the Stones winning over the Beatles...

  2. I agree, very interesting and she makes me laugh.

  3. She's a hoot! Thanks for stopping by you 2!

  4. HA ... i'm afraid my street cred has dropped to zero... WHEn you send me these questions you craftily omitted any surnames for those blokes ( damon who?)

    1. I know I know, I only realised that afterwards so added it in lol!!! Does it make a difference?! :P

  5. not at all, cos if I googled it I'd be cheating... and still not know who he was lol

  6. Lol, Raven you are funny! The last episode of friends is my favourite too.
    "You got off the plane."
    "I got off the plane."

    1. Awwwww I love it Samantha! Thanks for stopping by!


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