Friday, 31 May 2013

The 6 loves of my life!

Hi all!

I have no guests or reviews today so thought I'd do a bit of a chatty post. I was on +Angelica Dawson blog a little while back (check it out here), and my Bio says I have 6 loves in my life. So I thought today I would chat about those 6 things :)

My Daughter
My Daughter is 4 1/2 years old, and was diagnosed with Autism when she was around 2. I was diagnose with PCOS when I was 14, and when I was 19 we were told I'd never have my own children. So when i found out I was pregnant, it was a very welcome shock!

She is growing amazingly, and is very bright. She is playing keyboard at the moment (picked it up herself). and can play a few things like Twinkle Twinkle, the opening music to +Richie Sambora 'Every Road Leads Home to You', Row row row your boat and London Bridge is falling Down. She has a reading average of an 8 year old and is starting to be able to write words quite clearly (they're still huge letters lol, but she's getting there!). We are very proud that she has been accepted into Mainstream reception for September and can't wait for her to be challenged a little more than she has been at nursery. I love her millions and millions.

My Son
My Son is 3 1/2 years old and was also diagnosed with Autism when he was around 2 years old too. My daughter was only 9 weeks old when I fell pregnant with my son, so again, we proved the doctors wrong!

My son has a few more problems than my daughter in regards to the autism. He has major sensory issues with things like public transport, crowded places and too much noise. He also can't walk long distances (and does a runner every time he's walking somewhere), so he is still in his Special Needs Pushchair (which is amazing by the way!). He is getting there though, and knows his numbers, letters and colours. He can put numbers and letters in order too! I love him millions and millions too!

My Other Half
My Other Half Chris is fantastic, and after stalking him at work for a while (lol, I actually did!), he agreed to go out with me, and we have never been apart since! That was almost 8 years ago. Although we aren't married yet (waiting until the kids are a little older), we have lived together for about 7 years, this is our 3rd place together, and we are extremely happy! He does have his health problems though, which mean at the moment I am his full time carer, so we are together all of the time (good job we like each other eh?! ;p). He plays guitar and is actually very very good, and writes his own lyrics too. He is a big gamer, and most of all, a massive Halo fan :D

Source (c)
Books have always played a massive part in my life. I can't ever remember not having a book on the go (or 2!). I used to love visiting the library with my parents when I was a child. Me, my brother and sister would be allowed to choose our 10 (was it 10?) books to take home for the week, and I'm sure those 10 books didn't last those 7 days! Now I have over 200 books on my bookcase (sadly I am selling some of them as they are taking up a lot of space and won't be read again), and more than 1000 on my kindle (I blame these erotic authors... you know who you are!!!! ;p).  I love the way you can escape into a good book, so for those who don't read much, I try to turn them!

Tattoos are another of my favourite things. I currently have 13, but have recently had one of them re-done as it was rather faded. My other half has 6 now, where as 2 months ago he had none! I love ink, and think nothing is sexier than a gorgeous man with gorgeous tattoos. I am planning a sleeve at some point, but I have a feeling until that is sorted out properly, I may get more in the meantime :D I'm sure I'll keep going until I have no space left to tattoo!!

Source: (c)
'Food glorious food!'. Remember that song from school, or was it just us who sang it?! I love food, (and you can surely tell that by looking at me too), and I love a lot of food. I have always been a big eater, and love nothing better than sitting down to a gorgeous meal. Right now I am dieting again, and trying to slim down, so portion size and healthy food is on the go again. Some of my favourite meals are things like a Sunday Roast (chicken, beef, lamb or pork suits me right!), Mince and Dumplings with Mashed potatoes and carrots, Minted Lamb Kebabs (that my OH makes) with a lovely minty sauce on the side, chicken fajitas with peppers, salsa and sour cream... oh the list could go on and on!!!

So there you have it folks, those are my 6 loves in life. :D

I hope the sun is shining too where you are today.

Dee x


  1. Loving your six, Dee, and you've made me hungry now, lol.

    1. Thanks Doris :) I made myself hungry just typing it :D


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