Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Come and meet Jett Silver, star (and Dom) of H.C Brown's 'My Lover, My Dom' :)

Good morning Jett Silver :) Now sit your gorgeous ass down and let me get to quizzing you! (Im actually shaking a little!)

Tell us little bit about yourself first.

I’m a Dom and I manage rock groups, well mostly the big ones like Cold Heat currently topping the charts in five countries. I live the life; the rock and roll scene gives my Dom persona room to breathe.

I want to hear more about this club of yours ;)

Club Whips is a member’s only club- clean- oh yeah, we have VERY strict rules- but it’s not the high class set up of Club Floggers, although the guys from Floggers often drop by. Club Whips is for the raunchier connoisseur. It’s a place to get down and dirty. Where Doms can discipline subs in public in all states of undress if you get my meaning?

And I've heard your friend Brad is quite yummy?!

Yummy is an understatement. Hot, delicious, and insatiable would be enough for me but Brad is a millionaire, big, handsome and with an untouched body, any Dom would die to flog. He can run big business blindfold but can’t cope with his homophobic father. He thinks he can handle me but Brad is innocent and vanilla. He craves domination and I’m the man who will make him beg—frequently.

So come one, we said we'd do a little favourites quiz too is that right?

So lets get started with an easy one:

What's your favourite Dessert?
The taste of a man’s cock.

What's your favourite meal?
The taste of a man’s mouth

What's your favourite drink?

What's your favourite Movie?
Man of Steel

What's your favourite Song?
For Your Entertainment by Adam Lambert

What's your favourite book?
The Club Flogger’s Series by H.C. Brown

What's your favourite item of clothing?
A ball spreader . . . on my sub

Where's your favourite place to go on a date?
My dungeon at Club Whips.

What's your favourite memory?
So many, drop into Club Whips and I’ll share them with you

Thanks for dropping by and gracing us with your sexiness ;)

My Lover, My Dom Club Whips#1

All Romance e-Reads
H.C. Brown’s long awaited Club Whips Series takes the reader into the no holds barred Whips Gay BDSM Club. With cameo appearances from some of the more colorful characters of Club Floggers, H.C. Brown introduces more of the Doms and delicious subs from the exciting world of rock n roll and big business.
Brad Morrison is a sub pure and simple. He wants Jett Silver, manager of Cold Heat but their yearlong friendship is just that . . . friendship, until Brad’s arranged marriage of convenience ends.
Jett Silver has waited patiently for Brad to find himself. Being his gym buddy has been agony but now he plans to train this delectable pup and collar him. With Jett’s best friend Nash Mage and his sub Paul on hand to help, Brad’s life becomes a living fantasy.


  1. Phew! This is one hot interview. Nice to meet you, Jett. I hope to read more about you soon.

    Kay Love Bites and Silk

    1. Thanks for coming by Kay! One hot dude this guy is!!!

  2. Jett says, sorry he can't comment he's a little...ah, tied up at
    the moment but he says thanks for having him drop by :-)


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