Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentines Day is approaching! Giveaway!!!

Hello fellow friends :D

Valentines Day 2014 is tomorrow, so I thought I'd do a post today about that four letter word, LOVE. And I'm doing a UK ONLY giveaway too, just follow the Rafflecopter at the end.

So how did you meet your other half? Everyone knows our story, they all know I stalked him a little lol! Not in a proper 'I need to call the police' way!!! Lets see:

We both worked in the same shopping centre, me in a cookie shop, him in a phone store. I remember going into the phone store after work one night to get a phone. There was only me, my mother and the guy serving me, in the shop. Then my OH just appeared front he stock room, said hello, and went over to put some music on. I asked him to put something good on, and on came Queen's 'Don't Stop Me Now'. Then off he went back to the stockroom. I remember my exact words to my mother were, 'I have to have him'. She laughed and asked if I meant I'd like to go on a date with him. My response? 'Nope, I HAVE to have him'!!

We chatted a few times while on breaks from work etc (I tried to time my breaks so we'd bump into each other lol!), and on my shopping days I'd pop in to say hello. Then one day, he asked why I kept going into his shop, there just have been someone I liked? All I said was, 'figure it out'. And then being too chicken, I got my friend to drop him a note saying 'figured it out yet', and gave him my phone number.

Our first date was to the cinema to see a horror movie, we went for a couple of drinks first, then seen the movie, or didn't see much of it!! This was 8 and a half years ago now, and we're gong stronger than ever. He is my other half without a doubt, and I know without him I wouldn't be complete. Everytime I hear 'Don't Stop Me Now', it takes me back to that day, when we didn't know each other, and how I was smitten from that first smile.

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So tell me, how did you meet your other half?

Happy Valentines Day for tomorrow!!!!


  1. I am single so I haven't meet my other half yet. And I follow by email thanks for a great giveaway!

    1. You will Mary :) Thanks for stopping by x

  2. I was driving by my friends work and she happened to be near the window. My now husband, was standing in front of her, so when I waived to her with all smiles, he thought I was waiving to him and waived back. After, he told my friend he HAD to meet me. We have been together ever since! 16 years and going strong :)

    1. Wow 16 years, lovely :D Thanks for coming by x

  3. I met my better half on line at Meet me we have been engaged for one year and are getting married soon. followed by email josephhawkshaw at yahoo dot com

  4. We met at a bar many years ago. I couldn't resist his dark brooding look. LOL



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