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Wednesdays Words: Desperate Housewives

Wednesdays words again people!

WARNING!!!! Please do not read this if you have not yet finished watching Desperate Housewives as this is what I am gong to be chatting about today!!!

My Other Half bought me the first season, 2 years ago for Christmas, and I really liked it, so the next year he bought me season 2. Then Christmas just gone, he bought me the full season 1-8 box set! I was so pleased with it. I have watched it every morning since then, when the kids are at school, or are happily playing themselves.

This morning I watched the very last episode, and I have to say, I blubbered like a baby!

Please remember not to read on if you don't want MAJOR spoilers!Or there will be no point ever watching it byt the end of this blog post!!

So here's some of the huge moments from DH that I remember.

One massive thing that happened, in season 8, was the untimely death of Mike. I mean, I loved Mike, who didn't. He was amazing, sweet, generous, and not to mention, damn well sexy! So when that car pulled up, I just knew what was going to happen. I remember jumping to the edge of my seat and shouting NO!!!! Then I cried and cried throughout the whole next episode, the funeral and the four girls remembering what Mike had done in their lives. I miss Mike :(

Gabrielles affair with her teenage gardener, John Rowland. Jessie Metcalfe is hot, and I loved seeing him rolling around with not top on. He did come back twice  I think in later seasons, once when Gabby bumped into him and his fiance, and once when he tried to start up their affair again.

Bree's court case drama. The whole Alejandro thing had me waiting so impatiently to see what would happen. I was sure Carlos would end up back in prison, but thanks to the massive help from Karen McKluskey, Bree was free to go, no one was jailed!

Susan and Mikes 'will they/won't they' relationship. I have always rooted for these two, and was so happy when it finally worked out for them, then Mike went and died! Mikes relationship with others such as Katherine Mayfair and Edie Britt, no way was any of those going to work out. And Susans relationships with people like Ian Hainsworth, and again with Karl Mayer (her ex husband), I'm so glad they didn't last! When Mike was run down by that car (crazy Orson!!!) on his way to propose to Susan, I wanted to find Orson myself and turn him in to the police!

Lynette and Tom, oh what a great couple they are! When they split up, I was gutted, truly gutted. To me they seem like the perfect couple. Lovely home, 5 great kids, good jobs, and they bicker all the time! Which is what any normal couple does! When Tom went back to tell Lynette he still loved her, but saw her being unzipped by a man (it was Lee, HE'S GAY!!!! Get your eyes checked Tom!!), I was so sad for them. I thought they'd never realize how much they loved each other. But luckily, they did!

Julie Meyer ending up pregnant, and the father is....... Porter Scavo?! How mad was that?

Mary Alice Young was a great character through the whole show. I loved that she narrated almost every episode (only a couple of exceptions I think), and I liked the flashback episodes where she  starred in them. One in particular comes to mind, and that's the one where Bree checks herself into a motel with a bottle of wine and a gun. She is very close to suicide, and Mary Alice appears. It was so sad.

Carlos going blind! This was a massive shock! I couldn't;'t believe he was blind! Skip forward to when his sight starts to come back after an operation,and I was happy. But the part which got me massively was when Gabby came in the house, and Carlos was on the floor hugging his daughters, crying, saying he could see them. Oh, it broke my heart. I can't imagine how good that would feel!

Patrick Logan! I was looking forward to seeing who had been cast as this character, and was so shocked when he appeared, John Barrowman!! To me John has always been a happy guy, but he really played Patrick well! And I know it sounds wrong, but he was very sexy playing a bad guy! His death was a good one,  blown up by your own bomb!

The episode about Eli Scruggs, the local handyman. This was a sad episode, and yes I cried, again! Eli seemed like such a lovely man, a man who would do anything to help anyone. This was the shows 100th episode.

The Tornado episodes were fantastic! I remember being so immersed in these episodes. When The house collapsed and Tom, Ida and the Scavo kids were inside, and Lynette was outside screaming, I was so upset. If those kids hadn't of come out of there alive, I possibly wouldn't have went on watching more (I say that but I don;'t know how true it would be lol). But they did, and that moment when they crawled out, and Tom followed, I was so relieved. Then Ida, poor Ida, after saving the children, died. Lynette and Karen scattering her ashes was lovely though.

And I have to talk about Karen McKluskey. What a wonderful woman, and a brilliant actress. In season 8 when the cancer comes back, I found myself thinking, 'Wow, they've made her look really ill'. Then this morning I found out that she really did have cancer, and only 20 days after that final episode aired on TV, the actress Kathryn Joosten, who played the lovely Mrs McKluskey for all that time, passed away. And I felt so so sad.

The very last episode was lovely. Julie had her baby, Renee and Ben were married, Poor Mrs McKluskey passed on, and the future of the four friends was shown. The best moment for me in that episode was the very last scene. Susan is in her car with MJ, Julie and the new baby (leaving the lane), and asks if they mind her taking one last spin around the block before they leave. As she does so, the ghost of Wisteria Lane are all there, watching and smiling. But what got me completely, and broke me down into tears again, was as the car first pulled away, you hear Mary Alice say 'As Susan left her driveway, she had a feeling she was being watched' and Mike was there, watching his family. It almost killed me. Marc Cherry did a cameo as a removal person in that last scene, which I thought was really sweet.

Other characters I loved were
  • Bob and Lee,
  • Carlos Solis (a rather handsome man!)
  • Andrew Van De Kamp
  • The Scavo twins,
  • Katherine Mayfair

I found characters I didn't like so much too.

    • Edies new husband Dave Williams (what a great actor), was an awful awful man!!!! When he took MJ and tried to kill him in the car?! I'm glad Mike wasn there (again another reason to love him *swoon*)
    • George the Pharmacist! What a nut case that guy was!
    • Orson Hodge, I never really liked him throughout the whole show.
    • Sam Allen. Rex Van De Kamps love child! Hated that guy (although he had nice hair!)

    Remembering all the people who passed away (the ones I remember)
    • Mike Delfino (Drive by shooting by a loan shark) Oh I'm gonna cry again just thinking about it!
    • Rex Van De Kamp (Poisoned)
    • Karl Meyer (The Plane Crash)
    • Edie Britt (Elecrtic Shock)
    • Mary Alice (Suicide)
    • Karen McKluskey (Cancer)
    • Martha Huber (Murdered)
    • Patrick Logan (blown up)
    • Matthew Applewhite (shot by police)
    •  Nora Huntington (Shot by a crazy woman!)
    • Beth Young (suicide)
    • Ida Greenberg (Tornado)
    • Victor Lang (Tornado)
    • Eli Scruggs (heart attack)
    All in all I have to say I absolutely wholeheartedly LOVED Desperate Housewives so much, and I'm so sad I have no more to watch!

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