Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Wednesdays Words

I'm back with more babbling lol :)

So.... why is it when you have children you turn into an old person?! 

Saturday night me and the other half went to a rock gig with some friends. Great night, good music, some embarrassing dancing (from me), and drinks.....oh my, drinks! I had 4 pints of cider and 3 Jeigerbombs, and I was drunk! So, silly drunk me decided 'oh, shall we tag along with some of my friends into town to a club?'. Bad idea! I lasted half an hour before needing to go home and sleep! Here's this club, jumping with people, music and drinks.... and I'm standing there yawning! 2 hours later, after waiting in a taxi queue, I got to bed.

4 hours sleep until the kids woke me up, all day Sunday I was like something from The Walking Dead!

I used to go clubbing every Friday and Saturday until 4am, and still get up for work at 7am. Is this what having children does to you? Once we've had children and stop going out as much, do we turn into old folks? My neighbor who went to town with us is 4 years younger than me, and I've started referring to her as' the young'un'!.

Well, after Saturday nights escapades, a take away and a night in front of the TV in my pjs would suit me fine! A nice meal at a restaurant sometimes (which we did last night, 16 of us!), and as long as I'm in bed before 11pm, I'm happy :)

Can you still do the things you used to at nights?  Has having children done the same to you as it has to me? Let me know!


  1. I don't think having kids makes you old as much as it changes your priorities and responsibilities. Raising kids is hard work, so it tires you out more, so therefor when you go out you can't last as long.

    Hope you had fun though. It sounds like a good time. :-)

  2. It totally changes your responsibilities!

    I did have fun though ;)


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