Thursday, 18 April 2013

20 This or That Questions with... Megan D Martin!!

Today Megan D Martin is with me to answer the 20 This or That Questions.

Hi Megan! *sneakily trying to get a glimpse of her tattoo!*Help yourself to the bar!

Hi Dee! Thank you so much for having me!


Sweet or savoury? Can’t I have both? J No ;/ *lol*

Salad or sandwich? Sandwich. I always need some meat in my life…did that sound dirty? Oooooops. ;) ha ha ;p

Macdonalds or Burger King? Micky D’s for sure! I DO NOT eat at BK.

White meat or red meat? Red meat. Yummm. I like my steak still mooing when they bring it to the table. Me too!


Bon Jovi or Guns n Roses? It is so hard to choose because I really like both. Depends on the day.

Movie or book? Always a book. My imagination can kick Hollywood’s ass any day.

Movies or TV shows? Hmm. This is hard, but I’m going to have to say TV shows.

Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? Harry Potter! I actually have a Harry Potter tattoo around my ankle. Nerd girl alert! I want one!!!!!

Damon or Stefan? Damon of course. He’s an asshole and I love it. And those eyes of his….hmmmm. mmmmmmmmm

True Blood or Vampire Diaries? I watch both and a few years ago I would have chosen True Blood, but VD has totally won my heart. Sooo good.

Friends or Sex and the City? Definitely Friends, but I watched both.

Star Wars or Star Trek? I actually have never watched either of these… Don’t throw rocks at me! *hides behind hands* You have never seen the Star Wars movies?! :O


Dominance or submission? Hmmm, in my personal life, or what I like to read? Lol, I like a mix of both in both.

Kisses or hugs? Kisses with the right person.

Bath or shower? Shower-ain’t nobody got time for a bath! Same here

Call or text? Text. I hate being stuck on the phone talking for hours.

Date night: stay in or go out? It really depends because I like both.

Singing or dancing? Dancing. No one wants to hear me sing, lol.

Vanilla or kink? Kink girl, gotta spice it up! hee hee

Cotton or satin? I like satin in theory, but cotton is so much more practical! 

Thank You Megan! Great answers! 

Anything you'd like to add, or anything new you'd like to tell us about while you're here?

Yes, Dee. For all you men out there, Don't be a dong, wrap your schlong! That is all...oh and visit my blog! ;-)

Great advice! 


  1. Thank you having me Dee! You are awesome! :)

    1. You're welcome Megan! You are most awesome yourself :)


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