About Me!!

Hi there fellow readers!

I'm Dee, I'm 27 and live in Newcastle, UK with my fab fiance Chris, and our 2 wonderful children Chloe 4 and Jack 3. Both of my children have Autism. It's hard sometimes, but I'm sure as hell the good out weighs the bad!

I love to read (obviously!) and have pretty much always got a book (or 2) on the go! Since getting my kindle a little while back, I've found I'm not reading as many paperbacks anymore, but still love the feel of a good book!

I'm trying my hand at writing too! Hopefully soon I will have something concrete and will let you all in on it too!

I started this blog as I love love love books, so thought what better way to share my love of books, than reviewing them :) Since the start of my blog, I have met many authors, and they are fantastic people, and I like to think I've made some new friends :D

I will review any book, whether it be one I choose to read, one I have recommended to me, or one I receive form an author in exchange for an honest review. I will always post my honest thought s and opinions on books, but I will never be nasty or insulting to the author.

I love receiving feedback and comments so if you have anything to say, let me know! 

Hope you enjoy my blog!

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