Review Books Received From Authors

Review Books Received From Authors

This is the page where I will post a list of all the review books I have received from Authors. I will update it as I receive new ones, and delete them as I read them. Here's my list today:

  • Perilous Promises by Christ Williams
  • Temptation by Raven McAllan
  • Geekus Interruptus by Mickey J Corrigan
  • Making it Good Enough by Zara Stoneley
  • His Anthology by Various Authors (given by Doris O'Connor)
  • Sinsperationally Yours Anthology (given by Doris O'Connor)
  • HerStory Anthology (given by Tara Chevrestt)
  • The Crimson Rope Anthology (given by Doris O'Connor)
  • Boarding by D.D. Symms
  • Into the Spiral by Erin Danzer
  • Jaded Hearts by Olivia Linden
  • The Housewife and the Film Star by Doris O'Connor
  • Rescued Love by Angelina Rain
  • To Die Tonight by Angelina Rain
  • Christmas is Cancelld by Aurelia B Rowl
  • Negotiating Skills by Laurel Cremant
  • Moonlight and Madness by Wend Petzler
  • Down on the Farm by various authors (given by Raven McAllan
  • Fairy Unbroken (book 3) by Anna Keraleigh
  • Menage a Fariy (book 4) by Anna Keraleigh
  • Fairy Prey (book 5) by Anna Keraleigh
  • Princess of Death by Renee Travis
  • Nightmares and other Therapy by D.W. Carver
  • Take me Now by Nancy Jardine
  • Manogomy Twist by Nancy Jardine
  • Tethers by Jack Croxall

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