Saturday, 31 August 2013

So... ink?


Do you like tattoos? Do you have any? Do you see a guy or gal with ink on a book cover and find it sexy?

I love tattoos, and am now working on my 16th which is a sleeve. I've had 2 sittings so far of 3 hours a time, yesterday being my second sitting. Needless to say my arm is hurting a little today! Here's some pics:

The outline done
After first sitting

second sitting butterflies

second sitting lily
second sitting lily underneath my arm

What do you think so far? I'm back on Thursday to get some of the background done!

And to answer my earlier question, I love sexy covers with sexy tattooed guys :D Here are a few of my favourites:

Yes I know, you can only see a little of his ink, but he's fab isn't he!!!

So, whats your thoughts on tattoos?

Thursday, 29 August 2013

20 This or That Questions with... Nancy Jardine!!!

Well hi!

Nancy Jardine is over today, see what she has to say :)

Sweet or savoury? Ah sugar! It has to be both, although I try to avoid cakes and rarely eat biscuits except shortbread a definite weakness. Pringles have to be removed from my sight or Ill eat the tub. Pringles!!! Its true that once you pop you just can't stop!!
Salad or sandwich? Depends on who is fixing lunch! Hubby isnt into salads, so then I get a bare bones sandwich. If I fix it I generally add salad stuff to make the bread and meat/or cheese much more interesting. Or, I make it a huge salad with a bit of pitta or sourdough on the side. If out to eat I love a really good and crisp Caesar salad.  Ooh that sounds interesting!
Macdonalds or Burger King? Neither. We have to be really desperate to eat in either of those two places, but over the years we have ended up in one or other since it was the only place open to eat very late at night. I do like a burger, though, and often choose them from Harvester type places. I've never been to an actual Harvester before, but may have to try it sometime.
White meat or red meat? Again both. I love a really rare steak. My husband would eat red meat all week long so he has to be persuaded to vary it with white meat and fish. Just as well we both like all kinds of seafood, cos we eat that quite a lot too! I love seafood :)

Bon Jovi or Guns n Roses? Probably Bon Jovi, though I dont listen to much Hard Rock. Im more of an Enya fan, and folk music! And more recently revisiting a lot of Sixties music. I love the old music :)
Movies or TV shows? Movies. I love watching movies though rarely find the time. I do also love the BBC type historicals that are serialised, and try to fit one or two into my schedule.   
Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? Actually I loved both films and both books. I think you're my first guest to say that!
Damon or Stefan Salvatore? Damon. I love my men tall, dark and ...err... sexy. Oh definately!
True Blood or Vampire Diaries? I watched some True Blood but found the vampire thing not entertaining enough to drag me away from the keyboard as often as it is on TV.
Friends or Sex and the City? I watched a lot of Friends when it came out a long time ago, less of Sex and the City.
Star Wars or Star Trek? I was a Star Trek fan of the original series, so it has to be that but the Star Wars films are great to watch too.

Dominance or submission? Oh, dominance of course though actually Im pretty submissive!
Kisses or hugs? Depends on who gives them! Agree
Bath or shower? Bath! I shower every day but love a bath after being out in the garden. My gardening is heavy duty since I tend to leave jobs till too late in my large garden, and the work is harder to remove the forest of weeds. I'm exactly the same Lol
Call or text? Can I say email and Facebook? Immediate family are a call job but not every day unless theres a crisis. I dont use my mobile often since Ive still got an old fashioned predict a text and its a pain in the bahookey! I tried an I-phone but it was extortionate for what I used it for so I tend to use my husbands I-phone instead. I email a lot too :)
Date night: stay in or go out? Guess it has to be stay-in since Ive been married for nearly 40 years (oh heck, did I just say that!) We used to go out more often but now its a novelty when we do. Were very lazy! That not lazy, its comfy :)
Singing or dancing? Singing, though I personally sing about as well as I dance. LOL. I try at both though, and love a rollicking good Scottish Ceilidh dance!   
Vanilla or kink? *wink* Kink has a lot of appeal;p
Cotton or satin? Satin for sensuality

Anything you'd like to add, or anything new you'd like to tell us about while you're here?
Thank you, Dee, for inviting me today. Its questions like the above that make me wonder what I do with my week and how it disappears in a flash! (Maybe I should watch more vampire stuff and learn how to do that whizz around thing that they do?) At the moment Im doing pre-submission polishing off of two new follow-ons to my historical novel- THE BELTANE CHOICE- set in Northern Britain AD 71-84. They start off in your neck of the woods on Brigantian soil (Scottish/ English border areas) and work their way up to where I stay in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. When thats done, Ill be picking up my family saga which is very loosely based on some very black sheep in my own family. Thats around 14 thousand words at present but Im planning on a three book job for that one. I love to try different sub-genres of fiction and romantic fiction at varying heat levels! 

Dee- To your readers.. enjoy the summer and read a lot of books theres a huge selection out there to choose from!    

 Thanks for stopping by Nancy! Look forward to actually getting round to your books soon!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

***REVIEW*** A Matter of Faith by Raven McAllan

A Matter of Faith by Raven McAllan

Leonora knew she'd wait for Justin to come home. She hadn't expected it to be so long or so fraught. When Justin joined his regiment, and was sent to the continent, Leonora promised to wait for him to return. She didn't think it would take so long, or she'd have so many difficulties to face. Her life changes as she struggles to cope without Justin and keep his estate running.
With someone out to destroy all she holds dear, Leonora has to fight for her beliefs and her family, and hope they get the happy ever after they deserve.


I received a copy of this book from Raven in return for an honest review. She gets what she asks for :)

I read this book in one day, and it had me pulled in from the start, as do all of Raven's regency romances ;)

I loved Justin and Nora. They fit together perfectly (in more ways than one ; p), and I was rooting for them from the first encounter in that gloomy passageway. 

When one of the chapters started with 'four years later....' I knew what was coming. I actually felt gutted. Justin was MIA after leaving for the war just after he and Nora married. But what I didn't see coming was Faith, their little girl :) 

And then this mysterious man who keeps talking to Faith? Well... you shall see me friends, you shall see :D

Plenty of love, hot sex, mystery and evil, an all round fab read!

A great regency from Raven, and I'm dying to know more!


Welcome to my Blogoversary countdown Giveaway and thank you for joining me in celebrating!

TODAY IS MY OFFICIAL BLOGOVERSARY! 1 year ago today I started this small blog, and it has grown so much! I can't actually believe how much it has grown over the year, I started this jsut for myself, not expecting anyone to read it, never mind follow it!

I want to thank everyone who has helped me get this far. That includes all my readers and followers, all the wonderful authors who have been so kind to me, and everyone who has helped spread the word of Love Books? Blog books!!

I am giving away a £15 Amazon UK voucher (or if you're in the US I can get one for the equivelant amount in $), and a fantastic Love Books? Blog books! Mug! (The voucher is International but sorry the mug is UK only)

Please make sure to comment and leave your email address (unless I already have it).

Thanks guys, and thank you for celebrating with me!!!!

You don't have to follow my blog or anything else like that (but I wouldn't mind if you did), all you have to do to enter the giveaway is post a comment WITH your email address and a winner will be picked at random the day after the Blogoversary finishes (29th August 2013). Posting a comment will automatically enter you into the giveaway. Thank peeps and good luck!!!

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Weekly Recall! 18th Aug-24th Aug

Weekly Recall! 18th Aug-24th August

Book image courtesy of

Hi :D
This week has been the start of my Blogoversary giveaways!!! It's going until the 28th so keep checking the posts out and please leave a comment to be in with a chance of winning! Here are the ones so far:

Doris O'Connor
Megan D Martin
Angelina Rain
London Saint James
R Brennan
Michaela Rhua
Thianna D

other posts this week have been:

20 This or That questions with Cherie Nichols which is here

My review of UR by Stephen King which you can find here

And a cover reveal and chat with G Avetis which is here

As for TV/Movies me and the other half have been catching up on the streamed episodes of The Killing on Netflix, and the latest episode of Breaking Bad on Netflix too. We've also been watching a few old episodes of Mock the Week, man those guys are funny!

That's all for this week, til next week dudes :)

***REVIEW*** Mated Forever by Michaela Rhua

Mated Forever by Michaela Rhua

The full moon is always a time for danger and mating. This month it brings the scent of Louisa's mate. Jorie is on the run and in grave danger. Being rescued by Louisa brings safety and a new temptation. As the girls act on their feelings, and passion overtakes them, they are unaware of the danger surrounding them both. When Jorie is kidnapped, it's a race against time. Will Louisa be able to save her mate, or will the past and all its secrets destroy them before they even have a chance at forever?


I received a copy of this book from Michaela in return for an honest review, here goes :)

I read this all in one day, thats the beauty of the Romance on the Go line from Evernight, it's a great quick pick up! I really enjoyed this story, I knew I would though as I remember really enjoying michaela's other f/f too.

I felt really sorry for Jorie (and I kept reading her name as Jorjie :/), I mean there must be nothing worse than being forced to be with someone you hate, or even just don't like. So I was pretty glad when she and Lou eventually Mated :) Being a lesbian shifter was kind of frowned upon which is why Lou lived outside of her pack, but she knew that was what she wanted. 

There are some twists in the book, like why is the pack master always near to Jories mother, and why does he treat her special? You'll have to read to find out!!! But I didn't see it coming. I think the story makes you concentrate solely on Jorie and Lou, that you forget other little things that have been mentioned, then they pop back up and whack you in the face!!!

Another good one from Michaela (she's pretty good at writing this f/f isn't she!)!

Blogoversary Countdown Giveaway with Amanda Leigh!

Welcome to my Blogoversary countdown Giveaway and thank you for joining me in celebrating!

 Today Amanda Leigh is around with a giveaway for you all. She is giving away a copy of ehr book Thousands of Mornings. If you're interested, keep reading!

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Amanda Leigh. I’ve just finished college in the suburbs of New York at Pace University. I received a BA in English and Communications and I minored in Psychology and Creative Writing. While attending Pace I worked on the literary magazine on campus – Vox Arts and Literary Magazine. My first book, the book that I am giving away today, released in June of 2012. My second just released this summer. I’ve wanted to be an author since I was eight. I picked up the love of photography in college. Now that I’ve graduated I’m focusing more on my writing. I’m editing a romance novella right now as well as working on two other projects. I also do freelance writing/editing and will likely start an Etsy shop to sell my photography – the shop will share the name of my first book.

What is the name of the book you are giving away?
The name of the book I am giving away is Thousands of Mornings.

Can you show us the cover and the blurb?
A collection of original poetry and photography.

I say that this poetry is about everything. Life, love, loss, faith, hope, imagination, determination. Everything.

Is the book part of a series or do you plan for it to be part of a series?
I suppose that depends on how you look at it. It’s not technically a series but I have released another poetry collection – Holiday Hospital Stay Poetry Collection 2012 - and plan to release more in the future. I even have the name of my third poetry collection picked out already. =]

What made you come up with the idea for this story? (if you are giving away more than 1, you can either do this for all books you are giving away, or just choose one of them)
Well, this is a collection of poetry and photography. As for the poetry, I really just write about what inspires me at the time. The poems in this book cover a wide age range. I wrote them from age 12 to age 20. So they range from a poem about horses to a poem about the three different worlds that I live in. ;]
As for the photography I just photograph anything that catches my eye. Anything that I find beautiful. As I was putting the collection together I did my best to match up the photographs to the mood/tone/theme of the poem it would end up with. Although for all I know those match ups only make sense to me. =] 

Thanks for stopping by today Amanda :)

You don't have to follow my blog or anything else like that (but I wouldn't mind if you did), all you have to do to enter the giveaway is post a comment WITH your email address and a winner will be picked at random the day after the Blogoversary finishes (29th August 2013). Posting a comment will automatically enter you into the giveaway. Thank peeps and good luck!!! 

Blogoversary Countdown giveaway with lots of authors!!! Check it out!

Welcome to my Blogoversary countdown Giveaway and thank you for joining me in celebrating!

Today we have 6 amazing authors with giveaways for you. All you have to do is keep reading and comment!

The prizes are:

Jorja Lovett – 1 ebook of Wolf on the Hill
Kiru Taye – The books in her challenge Series to 1 winner (A Valentine Challenge, and an Engagement Challenge)
Sonia Hightower – The books in her Napa Valley Naughties Series to 1 winner (Ladies Uncorked, Grapes of Lust, Merlot & Men, Fine Like Wine)
Anna Keraleigh – 2 x copies of Addicted to Adella and 2 x copies of Fairy Prey (2 winners, each will win a copy of each book)
Angelica Dawson – Blue Moon House and Blue Moon House Kitten to 1 winner

You don't have to follow my blog or anything else like that (but I wouldn't mind if you did), all you have to do to enter the giveaway is post a comment WITH your email address and a winner will be picked at random the day after the Blogoversary finishes (29th August 2013). Posting a comment will automatically enter you into the giveaway. Thank peeps and good luck!!!

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***REVIEW*** Man-Driod the Orgasmatron by Doris O'Connor

Man Droid the Orgasmatron by Doris O'Connor

(Siren Classic: Erotic Futuristic, Sci-Fi Romance, Light bondage, spanking, HEA)
The plan had been simple. Sign up for the sex android trial, so that she had a doting boyfriend to present at the dreaded school reunion.

It was just her luck that Bethany Devlin had to get the one man-droid with an emotion chip. Unable to resist Elliot's charms, she finds him the only partner she can truly submit to. If only he was real and not just an illusion.

Elliot Parsons has a hard time coming to terms with the fact that he has emotions. Orgasmatrons are programmed to fulfill their partner's every sexual fantasy, but Beth proves to be so much more than just another program to run through. He needs her submission like the very air he pretends to breathe, and he will do anything to keep her safe.

Deciding what is love and what is lust proves nigh on impossible when the government interferes. Time is running out...

A Siren Erotic Romance


I received a copy of this book form Doris in return for an honest review. This is what she will get :)

I picked up Man-Droid a few days ago, and literally read the first few lines, then put it down. I just couldn't concentrate properly, and wanted to really be able to concentrate with this one. So yesterday tea-time, I picked it up and started again, and it was read before I went to bed! I loved it (as I do all of Doris books), and I mean come on, who the hell wouldn't want their own Man-Droid! Especially when I'm sure I heard Doris say the Man-Droid was modelled in her brain on Joe Manganiello (or was it Hugh Jackman? Either way, I wouldn't turn it down!!, Or a mix would be nice ;p)!

I loved Elliot, oh man he had to go and have an emotion chip didn't he, if he didn't have one of those then I might not have liked him as much as I did! He was so damn sweet, I loved the scene where he was brushing Beth's hair in the kitchen, then just popped away to take dinner out of the oven :) He was  good guy bless him, and the last couple of chapters, after the governement have intruded (Grrrrrrrrrr...), my heart actually felt so sad. And I caught myself grinning like an idiot when he came back :)

Poor Beth, I really liked her character. I felt so bad for her when she cried in Elliot's arms, when she talked about that bitch Sam (I know how she felt), and when Elliot 'left'. 

I'm glad this one had a HEA ending, and i think it has enough to carry on to another book (wink wink) :D

Blogoversary Countdown Giveaway with H.C Brown!

Welcome to my Blogoversary countdown Giveaway and thank you for joining me in celebrating!

H.C. Brown is here with another great giveaway for you all!! She is giving away 1 copy of any of her backlist from Are to 1 winner. Check out her backlist here:

Hi :) Can you tell us a little about yourself?
H.C. Brown is a multi published, best selling, award winning, author of Historical, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, BDSM, Time Travel, Action Adventure, and Contemporary Romance. In 2011 she was delighted to received nomination in three categories in the 2011 CAPA Awards: Favorite Author, Best GLBT Romance and Best Science Fiction Romance. H.C writes about strong alpha males in complex settings and all her stories have happy endings.

What is the name of your latest book?
Two Doms: One Pup

Can you show us the cover and the blurb?

Joel Moon’s sightseeing days in Club Floggers as an inexperienced pup, come to an abrupt end when he mistakenly signs two contracts for the same night with rock star Reef Anderson and the club’s owner Rio Knight; two edge playing Doms.

What made you come up with the idea for this story?
I love writing M/M/M Erotic BDSM, so the stories flow. Add rock n roll and  the stories flow.

Is the book part of a series or do you plan for it to be part of a series?
This is #7 of the Club Floggers Series.

Thanks for coming by today HC!!

You don't have to follow my blog or anything else like that (but I wouldn't mind if you did), all you have to do to enter the giveaway is post a comment WITH your email address and a winner will be picked at random the day after the Blogoversary finishes (29th August 2013). Posting a comment will automatically enter you into the giveaway. Thank peeps and good luck!!!

Blogoversary Countdown giveaway with Elizabeth Morgan!

Welcome to my Blogoversary countdown Giveaway and thank you for joining me in celebrating!

Elizabeth Morgan is here today and has a giveaway for you...and she even has an excerpt too! She is giving away 1 ebook from her backlist to 1 lucky winner!

Hi :) Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Sure. I’m Elizabeth Morgan. I live in Cheshire, United Kingdom with my two cats; MJ and Phantom, and I have been a published author for two years and three months. (Man, time flys.) I write romance – mainly erotic – subgenres: paranormal, urban fantasy, dark humour, erotic horror/thriller, and contemporary, though I hope to dabble in other areas soon.

I am a big movie fan. Love to read paranormal, urban fantasy, and steampunk romances. I adore Dr Who it’s the best programme ever and I’m a huge Sims 3 fan. I’m currently going through a mad garden phaze. Every spare moment I have I’m outside trying to get my gardens neat and tidy. Sounds straightforawrd, but believe me, the garden was a complete mess before I started hacking at it. My back and knees are hurting as I write this due to a long afternoon sowing seeds, and slating flower beds. But the pain will be worth it once I’m finished.

What is the name of your latest book?
Creak (An Erotic Thriller)

Can you show us the cover and the blurb?
I can indeed. I will even throw in an excerpt. ;-P


What happens in Silver Creek, stays in Silver Creek.

 After spending the summer as a recluse due to a bad break-up, Nicole Saunders agrees to go to The Heat Wave Festival with her best friends, Kacey and Tyler.

Along with three other friends they plan to take a shortcut through the small town of Silver Creek; the last thing any of them expected was to become lost and end up pulling in to a motel for the night.

The Creek Motel is isolated and the last place Nicole wants to be, especially after meeting the glacial owner, but her discomfort is soon forgot as she finally gives in to her feelings and asks Kacey and Tyler to spend the night with her.

A decision she quickly regrets when she discovers that their friend has mysteriously disappeared from her locked room in the middle of the night. Worried, Nicole presumes the worst, but quickly discovers that Jayne's disappearance is more disturbing than any of them could have guessed.

~ * ~


Friday, September 12th, 2014
9:38 p.m.

We had lost the sun about two hours ago, the helpful lights of the other cars and the freeway about an hour after that.
We had all agreed to cut through the small town of Silver Creek in order to knock an hour off our journey—a decision I was beginning to regret.
My face had been practically glued to the window for the last half an hour as I tried to figure out where the night sky ended and the ground began. It was pitch black out there. Not the kind of night painted in a mixture of dark hues with the added color jumping out once in a while. This was total and complete darkness, the type that seemed to move with us. The half moon and clear blanket of stars above had become our only indication that we hadn't just driven into a tunnel with no end.
The headlights of Kacey's green camper van continued to guide us along the narrow road and further toward Silver Creek, which I still wasn't sure if we had arrived in or not.
In the dim orange glow of the overhead light, I turned to look at Kacey. The blood had drained from his knuckles due to the grip he had on the steering wheel, and his plump lips were set in a firm line. He was pissed. I would even say livid. Which meant only one thing, we had gotten lost.
"Kay?" I said softly. "You might as well pull over."
His eyes narrowed to slits. His focus stuck to the ongoing road. "No."
"It’s pitch black. There are no lights anywhere. No sign of life. Pull over, and let's all spend the night in the van. We can set off early tomorrow, when we can actually see, and figure out where the hell we are exactly."
He may have been a mechanic, but puncturing a tire or crashing into a tree was the last thing any of us needed.
"There's a Motel."
I looked at the surrounding darkness with wide eyes. "I don't see one."
He turned the GPS we had attached to the dashboard toward me, and pointed at a small blue square. "It should be here somewhere."
I stared at the small screen and then back out the front window. Who the hell would put a motel out here? Then again, I suppose if it’s a small trade town, and people did cut through like we’re doing….
"There's the fucker." Kacey declared and put his foot on the gas.
The van jolted as we went over a bump in the road, and a groan came from the back. "What the hell, Kay?" I turned to see Tyler rubbing the back of his head, and looking at us through hooded lids. "Are we there yet?"
I shook my head. "We're lost."
"We're not lost." Kacey stated sharply. "I came down the right route. It's just fucking taking forever because I have to go at a tortoise pace because some stupid asshole didn't think about putting up lights on this shitty back road."
Tyler yawned. "So, we're lost?"
Kacey growled. "We'll stop here and set off in the morning."
I looked back out at the road and watched the speck of light that had suddenly emerged from nowhere, growing bigger and bigger, and finally forming in to a readable size and shape.
The tall sign to the "Creek Motel" flickered in the on-going darkness. The faulty light to the isolated establishment appeared to be the only indication that actual people lived in the area. After an hour of nothing but darkness, the sight caused a pop of relief to tickle my stomach.
Kacey slowed and turned the van in to the small parking lot.
Apart from the two cars sitting along the front of the L-shaped building, the only other sign that the motel operated came from the dull light seeping through the curtains of a few rooms. The van filled with soft groans as Tyler woke up the others and Kacey maneuvered into a free space.
"Are you kidding me?" Disgust leaked in to Jayne's sleep-filled voice.
Kacey scrubbed his hands down his face. "What did you expect, the Hilton?"
"I expected to be in a packed parking lot with tons of people, and lights and loud music." She yawned. "Where are we?"
He cut the engine, and slid out of his seatbelt. "We're stopping here for the night."
"Where is here?"
"We're in Silver Creek."
"Yeah, which is just another name for we're in the middle of fucking nowhere."
Kacey twisted in his seat. "Look, it's too dark. So we're stopping here. We'll set off in the morning and be at the festival in no time. Deal with it."
Dry laughter scraped her throat. "You're so grumpy. Jesus. It's not my fault we had to set off at half past five. We should have set off tomorrow morning."
Kacey popped his jaw, and slid a look at me. "I'll go get us signed in, shall I?"
"I'll come with you." I pushed the door open, and climbed out of the van.
I pulled my jacket tightly around me as we made our way across the rough gravel ground toward the entrance. In the silence, I could hear each small gust of wind whipping around the solitary building.
I followed Kacey through the open doorway in to the dingy, snug reception, which had bare brick walls with old photographs lining them and a heavily worn and scratched wooden floor. Kacey hit the small brass bell sitting on the reception desk and we both stood looking at the closed office door.

Buy Links:

What made you come up with the idea for this story?
I actually wrote Creak for an erotic thriller anthology submission call, which fell through.

I love horror and thriller movies and since the requirments for the original submission were that it required a baddie of some sorts, I thought I would have a go and see if all those horror movies had taught me anything. I decided to put my characters into a position I would never want to be in – stranded in the middle of nowhere and having to stay in a motel (psycho anyone?) - and just basically went from there.

Basically Creak was an experiment for me. I don’t know if I would write another erotic thriller, but I never say never. I wouldn’t actually say the story falls under the thriller genre, because compared to actual thrillers . . . well, it wouldn’t come close. I wouldn’t even say it was a horror. I would say it is a soft, creepy sort of thriller, a little dark and sick, with a big dose of sexy thrown in.

Is the book part of a series or do you plan for it to be part of a series?
Creak is a standalone book, or at least that was the plan. After a good friend - and fellow author – of mine read it and stated she might beg me to write a sequal because she wanted to hear more about Tyler and Kacey, and the progress of their relationship with Nikki . . . well, a small idea creeped into my head and I kinda decided I probably could do one more story.

So, I wouldn’t say I plan on Creak being part of a series, but it might possibly be the first part of a duology.

Thanks so much for having me, Dee. Happy Blogoversary!

Thank you so much for helping me celebrate Elizabeth!!!

For more information on my work, published and upcoming, please hop on over to my website:

Elizabeth Online:

Elizabeth is giving away any book off her backlist - winners choice - to one lucky commenter. Yes, all you have to do is leave a comment to this post - don't forget to add your email address so Elizabeth can contact you if your picked - and on August 28th at midnight - 6pm est time - Elizabeth will pick a winner with the help of

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Blogoversary Countdown Giveaway wirth Zara Stoneley

Welcome to my Blogoversary countdown Giveaway and thank you for joining me in celebrating!

The lovely Zara Stoneley is here today and has a suprise prize for you.... a copy of Good Enough to Trust AND a copy of Good Enought to Share!!!! Keep reading!

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I live in a country cottage in Cheshire with a naughty mouse catching, curtain climbing cat, my wonderful guitar playing, video making, minecraft mad teenage son and a wine drinking, sun loving, masterchef in the making sexy alpha hero.
I love sexy high heels...good food....good (lots and lots of coffee)... and sunshine, so whenever I can head off in search of the sun and inspiration for my stories.
I've been a consultant, a teacher, a mother, a wife, a lover... and have always been a writer. So that's me! But if there's anything else you want to know please ask, I love to hear from people.

What is the name of the book you are giving away? I’m giving away two – ‘Good Enough to Share’ and ‘Good Enough to Trust’.

Can you show us the cover and the blurb? 

Good Enough to Share
One Christmas, four friends - will they still be together by New Year's Day?
Divorce wasn’t part of the plan for Holly, but then again nor was spending the festive period with two sexy men and Santa’s little helper! With a disastrous marriage behind her, and three good friends who are willing to share, moving on could be fun – if only she can accept that sometimes her heart is wiser than her head.
Dane doesn’t do commitment, which suits Holly just fine. But when things heat up between the four friends, he’s forced to face up to his past. Will realising he’s good enough mean he no longer wants to share…?
Laid back Charlie knows that if his best friend becomes his lover he could end up losing big time. But can he resist? And when the girl he once loved comes back, who will he decide to spend the New Year with?
And Sophie just wants to have fun. She’s got the answers to everyone's problems, except her own …. is she the one who needs good friends most of all?
Will a caring, sharing, lust and love filled Christmas lead to the happy ever after they all desire?
WARNING - Christmas may never seem the same again!

Drop by my website if you’d like to read the blurb for the second book, and find out what will be in book 3, Making it Good Enough! You can find it all here -

Is the book part of a series or do you plan for it to be part of a series? These books are the first two in a series – the third book will be out later in the year.

What made you come up with the idea for this story?
Well… you know how we’re always told Christmas is for sharing? I thought I’d push the meaning a bit and share more than the presents! But I also wanted to keep other festive themes in there, like family, and giving, looking after each other.
Christmas is a time when we often take stock and think about what people really mean to us, and who and what is important in our lives – so that’s what is at the heart of the story. I think it all really started with the question, what’s most important to us, our friends or family? I know there’s that saying ‘you can choose your friends…’, but is it sometimes just easier to deal with people who don’t know everything about us? And how much of sorting out our problems can be done with the help of friends – and how much is just down to us to work out on our own?
It was great fun exploring the dynamics within the group and how it changes as their relationships develop in different ways. Will jealousy tear them apart? Can friends to lovers work (especially when there’s more than one friend involved?!)? And are they good enough?

Thanks for coming by today Zara!!!

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