Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Weekly Recall! 18th Aug-24th Aug

Weekly Recall! 18th Aug-24th August

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Hi :D
This week has been the start of my Blogoversary giveaways!!! It's going until the 28th so keep checking the posts out and please leave a comment to be in with a chance of winning! Here are the ones so far:

Doris O'Connor
Megan D Martin
Angelina Rain
London Saint James
R Brennan
Michaela Rhua
Thianna D

other posts this week have been:

20 This or That questions with Cherie Nichols which is here

My review of UR by Stephen King which you can find here

And a cover reveal and chat with G Avetis which is here

As for TV/Movies me and the other half have been catching up on the streamed episodes of The Killing on Netflix, and the latest episode of Breaking Bad on Netflix too. We've also been watching a few old episodes of Mock the Week, man those guys are funny!

That's all for this week, til next week dudes :)

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