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Blogoversary Countdown Giveaway with Thianna D!

Welcome to my Blogoversary countdown Giveaway and thank you for joining me in celebrating!

Thianna D is here today, and has a corker of a book for you to win!!

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Well, my pen name is Thianna D. I am a 4'11" ball of fire. Actually, I am very quiet...except for when I have something to say. My books usually speak for me. Currently I live in Washington State, in the NorthWest corner of the contiguous US. But I must have been born with gypsy in me because I rarely stay anywhere for long. 6 months to 2 years tops.

In fact, I think I am well over due for a new move. Hmm, where shall I go next?

What is the name of the book you are giving away?
I am giving away a copy of Through the Library Door, a paranormal erotic romance novella.

Can you show us the cover and the blurb?
Sure can! 
"Deep within the library there are secrets untold, hidden within the pages of the books it protects. Some say it is old magic, some say it is a curse, but they all say that once a generation, the door will open and the one who enters will live out the story in one of its novels."

18 yr old Landria expects to spend a dull summer at her aunt and uncle's house. That is until she stumbles upon a dusty, unused library and finds her way into the pages of an erotic novel. Attacked within moments of entering the story, she is rescued by the hero, Lord Nicholas Waring, who intrigues her more than she wishes. Once she finds herself back home she cannot forget him. When he follows her into her world and they fall in love, will they be forced apart by the words already written or can they rewrite their story?

Is the book part of a series or do you plan for it to be part of a series?
Through the Library Door is the fourth Library Tale, but it is also the first in The Markham Library series.

The Markham Library series is about a private library belonging to the Markham family. Within this library the heroine or hero of each novella/novel finds her or himself thrust into the storyline of one of the novels it contains. The second in the series should be out Fall 2013. Currently it is untitled, though it is complete.

What made you come up with the idea for this story?
I wish I could tell you. I have always had a fascination with libraries from the time I can remember. An avid reader since I was four or five, libraries were like home to me. As I grew up, they became more of a sexual fetish. Which, incidentally, is what kicked my Library Tales off as the first one in the series is free and well, part of it is true - I'm just not telling you which part. *Grins*

But as to why this particular book came into being. I can't really say. When I am writing a book with unknown characters, there is usually no preconceived thought. My hand either picks up a pen and starts to write (or my fingers kit the keys which happens much more often now) and the story flows from the ether down. I like to say I am lucky to be the first reader of any of my stories.

Thank you for coming by today Thianna!!

You don't have to follow my blog or anything else like that (but I wouldn't mind if you did), all you have to do to enter the giveaway is post a comment WITH your email address and a winner will be picked at random the day after the Blogoversary finishes (29th August 2013). Posting a comment will automatically enter you into the giveaway. Thank peeps and good luck!!!


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