Sunday, 18 August 2013

Weekly Recall! 11th Aug-17th Aug

Weekly Recall! 11th Aug-17th August

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Hey there!

So I know I've not been around much this week, my reading mojo kind of went into a funk :/ But i'm sure I'm coming out of it again!

This week I've read and reviewed Scars by Kiru Taye, find my review here.

I've had Lee Brazil around doing my 20 qs, check it out here.

I alos hosted Aurelia B Rowl's cover reveal for Popping The Cherry, see it here!

And I took part in an A-Z book survey, which you can see here. Find out all about my reading habits, favourite books and authors etc.

As for TV/Movies, me and the OH have finished Sons of Anarchy for now (can't wait for more!!), so we've watched the new episode of Breaking Bad that has been streamed on Netflix, and then carried on with The Killing as we kind of sacked that off for SOA! Movies, I watched People Like Us the other day with Elizabeth Banks and Chris Pine. It was quite good. I also finished watching Sweet Home Alabama which i quite enjoyed :D

Thats all for this week dudes and dudettes!!


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