Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Cover reveal and chat with G Avetis!!

Hey guys! 
I have G Avetis here today revealing her new book cover and having a little chat. What do you think of the cover? I really like it!

A young woman who wanted nothing but her freedom. A vampire who would try to control her destiny.

Ruby Rahman, age seventeen, ran away from her home in the Middle East to escape an arranged marriage. But her dream of an independent life in the U.S. turns into a nightmare when she becomes the captive of William Scott, a handsome young vampire who finds her scent irresistible.

Despite herself, Ruby finds herself falling for William. After all, he and his “family” have risked their lives to keep her hidden from the rogue vampire who’s on her trail—and the council that would kill her for uncovering an ancient secret.

But Ruby has secrets of her own. And when a gorgeous young vampire named Nikolas challenges William for her affections, she’ll be forced to unravel the mystery of who she really is—and where she really belongs.
Hi there! Can you tell us a little about yourself?
(Sure, this is from my Bio) 
G. Avetis is a native of Armenia, and immigrated to the United States with her family in 1993. She discovered her love of language at an early age, and was inspired by the example of her grandfather, an author, to publish books of her own. Drawing on her strict conservative Christian upbringing, her work explores the immigrant experience as well as the role of women in different cultures. Fluent in four languages, G. Avetis has a degree in psychology.  She lives in Northern California with her husband and three amazing little boys.
When did you realise you wanted to become a writer?
 At the age of 6 I started to keep a journal and since then I loved writing.

What kind of books do you like to read? Do you have a favourite author?
Romance and Nicholas Sparks

What else do you do for fun? 
Swim, take long walks, read, bake, or spend time with my kids

Other things that might be helpful from my social networks 

Fun Facts:
* Armenian
* Loves coffee
* Favorite color red
* Loves listening to music from all over the world 
* Enjoys swimming and taking long walks 
* Favorite Authors Nicholas Sparks
* One place she plans to visit in the future is Dubai
Thanks for stopping by today G, and for sharing your cover with us too!
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