Thursday, 1 August 2013

20 This or That Questions with... Nikki Prince!

Well hello again! Nikki Prince is here today, see what she has to say :)

Sweet or savoury?  It actually depends on my mood.  Most times I prefer sweet, but there are times when savoury goes a long way.
Salad or sandwich?  Depends on the Salad and Sandwich. :)  I like a salad with meat, cheese etc, not just the veggies.  Oh yeah, you gotta have some meat!
Macdonalds or Burger King?  Macdonalds
White meat or red meat?  Chicken...white...I love me some chicken. I love chicken too, roasted with all the trimmings!

Bon Jovi or Guns n Roses?  Bon Jovi, though I love GnR hard choice I know, but BJ win it here too!
Movie or book? book and movies. :) 
Movies or TV shows? Both...I'm greedy as you can tell. hee hee you're allowed to be greedy sometimes!
Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?
Damon or Stefan Salvatore?
True Blood or Vampire Diaries?
Friends or Sex and the City?
Star Wars or Star Trek?

Dominance or submission? Switch.  Those who are sub and Dom/me will understand.
Kisses or hugs? Kisses and hugs.
Bath or shower?  Shower agree
Call or text? Text ...and call if it's urgent and truly important.
Date night: stay in or go out? Stay night...out to dinner and a movie.
Singing or dancing? Singing and dancing together...why not. why not?!
Vanilla or kink? Kink please.
Cotton or satin? satin

Anything you'd like to add, or anything new you'd like to tell us about while you're here?
I'm also a serious gamer :) I'm not, but my OH is! He's a major Halo fan!

Thanks for coming by Nikki! Lovely to see you :)

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