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Review Archive

Since I do so many reviews on my blog, I thought I'd make a page with links to all of them individually. So go ahead, find an author, and click on a link to check out a review :)

Ava Delany
- The Soldiers Return
- The Librarians Love
- The Wedding Night
- A Soldiers Woman
- Veiled
- Taken

Angelica Dawson
- Blue Moon House: Kitten 
- Blue Moon House

Angelina Rain
- Bunnies and Batteries
- Sucking Santas Candy Cane
- Flames of Desire 
- His Guardian Witch 

Anna Keraleigh 
- Breaking Bethany
-Addicted to Adella 
- Fairy Flavor (fairy book 1) 
- The Ravaged Fairy (Fairy book 2) 

Aurelia B Rowl
- Popping the Cherry 

Anna Adams
- Once upon a Tag 

Amanda Leigh
-Thousands of Mornings

Abby Clements
- The Christmas Bake-Off 


Belle Aurora
Night Fury: First Act (Night Fury 1)

Brook Syers
- The All American Family Series
- The All American Family: Episode 6

Billy Cowie
- Passenger 

Chris Lange
- Gabriel

Christina J. Loren
-Turned (Turned book 1)
- Eternity (Turned book 2) 
-Blackened (Turned book 3) 

Charles Dickens
- A Christmas Carol 

Cathy Glass
- Damaged
- My Dad's a Policeman 

Claire Seeber
- Lullaby

Doris O'Connor
- Mr Satisfaction Garenteed
- Mr Satisfaction Garenteed - Natasha
- Masks of a Tiger
- Sol and the Magic Fingers 
- Too Hot To Handle (Giovanni Clan book 1)
- Too Cold to Love (Giovanni Clan book 2)
- The Billionaires Unwanted Virgin 
- Under Orders 
- The Orgasm Project (The Projects 1)
- The Bear Project (The Projects 2)
- Man-Droid the Orgasmatron 
- Under The Alphas Protection 
- Auctioned to the Honorable Dom 
- Taken by her Alien Warriors )The Warriors 1)

Daniel Glattauer
- Love Virtually
- Every Seventh Wave

Elyzabeth M VaLey
- The Golden Cock 

Em Petrova
- Tattoo Dream 

Ella Grey
- Chance 

Esther Earl
-This Star Will Not Go Out 

Faberge Nostromo
- His Secret Dancer 
- As Dreams Are Made On 


Helen Garner
- The Spare Room 


Jaycee Dugard
- A Stolen Life 

Jennifer Worth
- Call the Midwife
Jack Croxall
- X

Kiru Taye
- A Valentine Challenge 
- Scars (Passions Shields 1)
- Secrets (Passion Shields 2)
- Outcast 
- Keeping Secrets (The Essien Trilogy book 1)
- Making Scandal (The Essien Triogy book 2)

KD Penn
- Hot Redemption 

Kenya Wright
- The Babysitter  
- Theirs To Play

Kate Lynne
- Used 

Karl Pilkington
- The Further Adventures of an Idiot Abroad 

Kelsie Wakenshaw
- One Foot in Heaven: My Last Gift to You


Lili Saint Germain
- Seven Sons (Gypsy Brothers 1)
- Six Brothers (Gypsy Brothers 2)
- Five Miles (Gypsy Brothers 3)
- Four Score (Gypsy Brothers 4) 
- Three Years (Gypsy Brothers 5)

Louise Millar
- The Playdate

Lal Hardy
- The Mammoth Book of Tattoos 

London Saint James
- Dark Tales Diaries 1
- Dark Tales Diaries 2 

Michaela Rhua
- Truth or Dare 
- Mated Forever

Mike Wells
- Baby Talk book 1 

Mel Dutton
- Fifty Shades of Mel and Barry

Megan D Martin
- Forbidden Angel
- Soldier in Chains 
- Skin Deep 
- Alive 
- Drowning in Rapture
-  Filthy 
- Filthy 2

Marie Medina
- Phantom Lovers

Melissa Hosack
- 12 

Mickey J Corrigan
- Whiskey Sour Noir (The Hard Stuff 1)

- Vodka Warrior (The Hard Stuff 2)

Nana Prah
- Midwife To Destiny

O. Henry
- The Gift of the Magi

Paula Daly
- Just What Kind of Mother Are You



Raven McAllan
- Silver Silk Ties (The House on Silk Street book 1)
- A Shimmer of Silk (The House on Silk Street book 2)
- A Rose Between Thornes
- A Most Unusual Mistress 
- In The Recess of Her Soul
- Impulse 
- Where There's a Will
- Will You Dance Miss Laurence(Dance Studio 1)
- Dance to a Different Beat (Dance Studio 2)
- Bow To Your Partner (Dance Studio 3) 
- The Girl on the Bus

 Renee Travis
- After Realm

Rachel Dove
- Crossing Life Lines 

R Brennan
- A Leap of Faith

Ruchi Vasudeva
Bollywood Fiance for a Day 

Ronald White Cooper
- Call the Doctor

Stephen King
- The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon 
- UR

Scarlett Edwards
- Uncovering You

Stephen Chbosky
- The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Shyla Colt
- Zombies Anonymous 

Susie Medwell
- Text Me, Tweet Me, Need Me

Tara Chevrestt
- Hear Through my Ears

Torey Hayden
- Innocent Foxes 


Virginia Andrews
- Flowers in the Attic




Zara Stoneley
- Good Enough to Share 
- Good Enough to Trust 
- Summer of Surrender

- Wine and Nine
- Vanilla Free Christmas 
- The Blood Bar Chronicles book 1: The Alphas 
- Hot Flashes
- Her Type of Guy 
- Serviced
- 7 Sinful Secrets

Great Author Posts

Once in a while I do a Great Author post on my blog. Here are the links:

Torey Hayden
Doris O'Connor
Julia Donaldson
Raven McAllan
Megan D Martin

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