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***REVIEW*** Nothing But The Truth by Vicky Pattison

Vicky Pattison always had big dreams, but four years ago she was working in a call centre in Newcastle and those dreams looked like they might never come true. Could a new reality series, Geordie Shore, be the big break she had been waiting for? Chosen from among thousands of hopefuls to take part in the controversial show, outspoken and outrageous Vicky was an immediate hit. Finally she was on her way to becoming a star . . .

Living your life on screen isn't always easy, however, and Vicky soon found herself struggling to cope: her relationship was toxic, her weight ballooning and her self-esteem in tatters. It looked like the glamorous and confident Vicky Pattison everyone knew was gone for good.

But you can't keep a good Geordie girl down and now, for the first time, Vicky will reveal how she has turned her life around - and dish the dirt on what really goes on in the Geordie Shore house.

And Vicky's not afraid to turn the spotlight on herself, exposing the sensitive soul underneath her famously tough exterior and speaking frankly about her battle with her weight, her run-ins with the law and the painful truth about her tempestuous relationship with castmate Ricci.

It's time for Vicky Pattison to tell the truth, the whole truth and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.


I grabbed this book first chance I had in Asda, but unfortunately I was busy reading a book already so had to finish that before I could read Nothing But The Truth. Once I did pick it up though, I could hardly put it down! 

I have recently caught up with all seasons of Geordie Shore, even after I said I would never watch it when it first appeared on our TVs. To be honest, I thought the same as everyone else, what a bunch of twonks, making fools of themselves and giving Geordies a bad name. BUT... since watching it, I love it, and love watching new episodes each week. Vicky is one of my favourite GS people (along with Charlotte), so I was excited about reading her biography.

Right, onto the book. I actually really enjoyed reading this. Vicky is a loud, brash, confident lady on the outside, but after reading her book, I found she can also be a very scared, sad, and lonely person too. I was rather surprised at reading about how low, down, and insecure she became after her relationship with Ricci. 

It was nice to read what Vicky done for a living before GS, I ever knew anything about 'VIP Vicky', and it was interesting to see how much she done in the clubs, working almost every night! But as you find out, although she loved the job working the VIP areas, she also got a lot of stick for it.

In all honesty, after watching series 1 of Geordie Shore, I disliked Vicky...a lot. But as she admits in her book, a lot of her good side wasn't shown on air, the producers wanted to paint her ad the 'bitch' of the group, therefore only showed her nasty side. Once I moved on through GS, I started seeing a different side to her. I was shocked at how, even thought there are no scripts at all, the producers have so much input as to what goes on in GS. Vicky mentions about her break up with Dan, a while after Ricci entered the GS house. On screen it made Vicky out to be a two-timer, getting with Ricci behind Dans back, where as in reality, she had recently broken up with Dan while taking a small break in the middle of filming GS. The producers didn't want any of that to get out, as they had wanted her to break up with him on air, therefore no one knew her and Dans relationship had ended before her and Ricci started dating properly. Little things like this that are mentioned throughout the book, make you realise a lot of what you see on the TV, although it is real, is also put together after filming in a very sneaky way.

I watched Ex On The Beach after only seeing 1 season of GS, therefore met Ricci before he was on GS. I remember thinking 'he doesn't seem that bad, he seems quiet. Vicky must be painting a bad picture of him with him being her ex'. It was only when watching the way Vicky seemed to change on GS, that I realised what a knob he actually is. And reading the book just clarified that even more. I'm glad Vicky has moved on and seems happy now.

Vicky s book Nothing But The Truth, is very eye opening. I would recommend this to and Geordie Shore fan, or to someone who has painted a picture of Vicky badly from hearing and reading media. 

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Interview with author Adam Bromley!

Unknown Unknowns by Adam Bromley (Piqwiq publishing)
After punching an American captain into a mound of profiteroles, Kat Foster’s future in the Foreign Office looks bleak.

She is given one last chance to redeem herself, thanks to her boss and a shady US intelligence agent. It involves travelling to Ozerkistan to debrief a prisoner, aka “The Chemist”. He has contacted a US embassy claiming to have valuable information about a former Russian weapons programme, codenamed Pandora , which he will trade in return for his freedom.

The only snag is that her destination, Ozerk City, does not appear on any printed maps and Ozerkistan does not appear to exist.

Nevertheless, faced with almost certain career ruin, Kat launches herself into the unknown, promising to contact no one, entirely unequipped by an unhelpful and obscure brief.

Meanwhile, in Moscow, the vodka-swigging, foul-mouthed General Berezin has also intercepted The Chemist’s message. Determined to prevent the truth about Project Pandora emerging, he makes a beeline for Kat and The Chemist. Also making his way towards Ozerkistan is Kat’s aristocratic and over-cultivated boss, fearing for her safety on the journey he assigned to her.

Teeming with larger than life characters, Unknown Unknowns is a witty, fast-paced thriller laced with spades of quintessential British humour.

First off please tell us a little about yourself.
My background is producing comedy for the BBC, mostly for Radio 4 as well as CBBC. I’ve also produced pilots for E4 and BBC3. These days I’m Managing Director of Rushforth Media, one of the UK’s leading audiobook production companies. As a writer, I’ve co-written sketch shows for Radio 4 and devised a BBC3 pilot.

I hear you have a new book out, Unknown Unknowns? Could you give us a little info on that?
It’s a comedy spy novel, about a disgraced diplomat who is a given a chance to rescue her career by travelling to a lawless country, Ozerkistan, to debrief a prisoner. Unfortunately a Russian general also wants to reach the prisoner first as does a corrupt CIA official, as the captive claims to have the Pandora formula – a weapon of devasting power. So it’s like Bourne film, with jokes.

How do you balance writing with everything else you have going on in your life?
With difficulty is the honest answer. My wife, Jenny, is very supportive, otherwise I think it would impossible. I have to find time on evenings and weekends to write which isn’t ideal. If I was able to spend several months only writing, I’d have finished the book much sooner.

You worked as a comedy producer for the BBC for 8 years?! How did you find going from comedy to writing Thrillers?
My novel is not a straight thriller, there are plenty of comic moments throughout, so that’s an easier transition than writing serious fiction. Yet I think the same principles apply to all writing whether it’s comedy or drama and whatever the medium. You have to engage with your audience and keep them hooked. The hardest part was structuring the book and keeping track of rewrites. A sitcom script is only 5,500 words, a novel is typically 70 to 80,000 words long. So when you change something in the opening chapters, there’s a lot of work making sure you’ve followed up any loose ends.

You also created a childrens show for CBBC called Stupid!, how different was that from what you were doing before?
I can’t take credit for creating the show, that was the brainchild of the wonderful writer Dean Wilkinson. But I did work with Dean and others from the pilot script to the finished show. The highlight for me was being able to design the look of Goober, the gremlin butler, who ended up with purple pot belly and a furry tail.

How do you handle any negative press or comments (if any) from readers/listeners?
Feedback is what every creative person needs to do a better job next time. I’ve got a fairly thick skin from my producing days, where my shows would be reviewed in most national newspapers. You shouldn’t take every negative review to heart, as sometimes it’s just a matter of taste. If more than one person picks up on the same point, then it suggests there’s room for improvement.

And now for a few random questions :)

Would you rather write or do radio?
That’s a tricky question. I loved making radio shows, but it was a different era then. Before the scandal with Russell Brand, BBC producers were left to their own devices more or less. I produced The Now Show for two years, without much oversight – the perfect way to make comedy. These days, it’s all about compliance. What that means in practise is anything sensitive or potentially offensive has to be vetted. Often it can mean the joke gets cut. For me, that takes a lot of the joy out of the process, in particular for radio which is a pure form – script, actors and usually an audience. So to answer your question on a roundabout way, I prefer writing these days.

Who are your favourite authors?
Tibor Fischer, PJ O’Rourke, Ian Rankin.

Who's your favourite actor?
Another tricky question... From TV actors in the UK, I’d say Olivia Colman is the best and most versatile there is, who I have had the privilege of working with on several occasions. And then of course, there’s the McConnaissance: Matthew McConnaghey has delivered a series of stunning performances in recent years.

Thank you so much for visiting today and sharing with us Adam!

Amazon US

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Welcome to Paradise by London Saint James!! Promo Blitz!!

Happy Book Birthday Welcome to Paradise!
Welcome to Paradise
A Paradise Ranch Novella
by London Saint James
Publisher:  Roane Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance (Western)
Keywords: Romance, Contemporary, Western, Erotic, Novella, Series
Release Date: August 18, 2014

Description: Just three days before her thirtieth birthday, Acquisition Editor for Starling Press, Sutton Callaway, has buried the last of her family in the cemetery on the plot of land she inherited.

After turning down the powerful and wealthy owner of Triple Bar-S Ranch to sell her inheritance and walk away from the obligations of running one of the biggest cattle ranches in West Texas, Sutton puts her Dallas condo on the market, resigns her position from SP, packs the contents of her life into boxes, and heads for the one place filled with bittersweet memories—Paradise Ranch.

Will Sutton be able to handle the pressures of being the newly appointed cattle baroness, the rough and tumble men under her employ, and the temptation of a sexy mystery man? Or will her grandmother’s matriarchal boots be too big for her to fill?

Purchase Links:
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Ends 9/12/14
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COVER REVEAL!! Bound In Blue by Jessca Ingro

Bound in Blue Front Cover
Title: Bound in Blue (Love Square #3)
Author: Jessica Ingro
Tentative Release Date: September 2014
Cover Designer: CoverIt Designs 
Strong ties aren't easily broken... First loves have the ability to fill us with hope and then shatter us when they end. Some people can pick up the pieces and move on. Others simply learn how to exist as a fragment of the person that they used to be. Shane “Mack” MacAllister is one of the ones simply existing. His wife Ella died at a young age, leaving him alone and broken. Shane knew he’d never be able to give himself to another, believing there was nothing left to give. That is until a young, feisty doctor blazed into his life and made him rethink letting someone into what’s left of his tattered heart. Dr. Megan Huntley has devoted her life to taking care of others, ever since her twin sister was brutally murdered. She might not have been able to save her sister, but she has made it her mission to help other victims. Long hours in the Emergency Room and volunteer work at the Rape Crisis Center leave little time for relationships. When Megan meets the rugged and handsome Shane MacAllister, she decides to throw caution to the wind and take the police detective for a ride. Too bad she can’t get him out of her head… or her life. Will Shane and Megan be bound together by true love? Or will past loves and tragedy tear them apart?
**Bound in Blue can be read as a standalone**
BiB Teaser #8
**Disclaimer: This content is unedited and subject to change** Copyright © Jessica Ingro   When the engine on my Harley stopped purring, I put the stand down and took off my helmet. Staring at Megan’s brownstone I wondered what the fuck I was doing there. It had been hours since I left the station and I successfully talked myself out of seeing her numerous times. There was no talking myself out of it now. Something inside me needed to see her. Maybe it was hearing John say her sister’s death ate at her every day; knowing that I had a kindred spirit in her. Maybe it was the urge to bury myself inside her tight, wet heat and forget everything except how she made me feel. Maybe it was the way her eyelids fluttered when she came down from an orgasm. Or maybe it was the way her touch soothed me and made me ache for more than just the occasional fuck. Whatever it was, it had me walking up to her front door and hoping she wouldn’t ask too many questions. I wasn’t ready to have to dig deep and find the answers to those questions. After the second knock, she opened the door. Her face was makeup free, her hair falling across her shoulders and past her breasts. She had on a skimpy yellow tank top and short white shorts. Her tanned legs looked soft and smooth and in that moment I wanted nothing more than to have them wrapped around my back. “Mack?” She asked with a mixture of concern and surprise in her voice. Instead of answering her, I put my hands on either side of her face and kissed her. My tongue touched her lips and she immediately opened for me. She tasted even better than I remembered. Still kissing her, I walked forward forcing her to walk back into the house. When we got to the stairs, I swept her up in my arms and hoofed it up to her bedroom on the third floor, only breaking the seal of our lips when necessary. Once in her room, I set Megan on the bed and used the weight of my body to push her down on her back. Covering her with my body, my hands moved with purpose over her skin. One hand cupped her breast, while the other groped her ass. She moaned and pressed her breast further into my palm. Her beaded nipple was begging for attention. Fuck, but I needed her. Not wanting to waste any more time, I made quick work of undressing us both. Once she was laid out before me, I fought back a groan at how fucking beautiful she was. And so damn perfect. She looked up at me with those beautiful brown eyes, submissively waiting for me to direct how things would go. That damn vulnerability and trust was my undoing. I lost all composure, positioned and buried myself to the hilt. Her arms and legs wrapped around my body, tightly holding me to her as I pumped in and out. My eyes fought rolling back into my head with how damn good she felt. That’s when I realized I didn’t wrap my dick. Slowing my thrusts—because shit it felt too good to stop—I asked her, “You on the pill, buttercup?” Her eyes blinked, a haze of lust and need clouding them. “What?” She asked breathlessly. “I asked if you’re on the pill. I’m inside you bareback, baby. Is that okay?” “Oh,” she murmured. “We’re covered. Now can you go faster?” I chuckled, but quickly obliged her. It wasn’t long before she was moaning and I could feel her muscles contracting right before she came. “Mack,” she cried out. “Shane,” I corrected her. “What?” She asked with a confused look on her face. It was rather quite adorable. “When I’m inside you, you call me Shane,” I told her. Why? I have no idea. This certainly wasn’t discouraging her from thinking this was more than it was. I never let anyone call me Shane when I fucked them. Not since Ella. Blocking the thought from my head, I buried myself deep and circled my hips, hitting her swollen, sensitive clit. “Shane,” she breathed as her climax hit her. Her nails scored my back and I made a mental note to let her have free reign more often.  
Other Books in the Series
Free Love Square
Love Square (Love Square, #1) - FREE!!
His Ever After (Love Square, #2)
Their Merry Little Christmas (Love Square, #2.5)
About the Author
Jessica Ingro Pic
Jessica is the author of the Love Square & Concierge series. She grew up in Central New York, where she spends her days as a Security Analyst at an IT consulting company. In her free time, she enjoys reading books and developing ideas for her own stories. Writing is her secret passion that she's been fostering since elementary school, when she wrote her first book about a puppy. It has always been a dream of hers to be able to share her stories with the world. Jessica currently lives in New York with her husband and three dogs.
  Author contact information
Web – Email – Facebook – Twitter –  
Bound in Blue Full Cover
love 2

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***REVIEW*** The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel's story is about to be completely rewritten.


Okay? Okay.

So I have just realised that I read The Fault In Our Stars a little while back and haven't even reviewed it! It was a good couple of month go when I read it so bear with me if the review is a little all over the place lol! 

I read this book a while after reading This Star Won't Go Out, a diary book by Esther Earl and notes from her friends and family (find my review for that one here John Green met her, and The Fault In Our Stars is the book he later wrote and dedicated to Esther. A lot of people think he based the story of TFIOS on Esther, but he didn't.

So I fell in love with this books after reading it. I think it took me 2 days to devour TFIOS, I just couldn't put it down! MY initial thought after reading it though, was 'Screw you John Green, screw you!' He ruined my day by making my eyes hurt from crying, and my brain hurt from sadness/happiness/anger all rolled into one feeling. I did read it only a few weeks after losing my uncle to Cancer, so maybe it wasn't  good idea, I don 't know. 

Anyhow, this book is brilliant. We meet hazel and her terminal diagnosis of cancer. We then meet Gus (Augustus), when Hazel meets him at Cancer Support group. I could feel the instant connection between these guys, and their friendship is amazing. I am giving no spoilers away whatsoever. Please please read this book if you haven't already. It is one great story!!!


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The Good Sister by London Saint James Audiobook Tour!!

The Good Sister, Part One by +London Saint James 
Contemporary Erotic Romance


Trinity Lane Winslow feared everything and lived her life vicariously through others. She dreamed of the impossible, yearning to be the kind of woman men desired—especially Reid Addison.

Reid Addison feared nothing, except how the mousey little blonde daughter of his housekeeper made him feel.  Even though Trinity Winslow wasn’t his type, there was something intriguing about her.

Lord Ashton Archer lived a fairy tale life with property all over the world, was heir to a ducal dynasty, and had women fawning all over him. Anything a man could want, he obtained by the snap of his fingers.

By a twist of fate the three of them find their way into the same illicit world of the infamous Madam Jacqueline Claudette Rousseau. But will they find what each of them truly desires? Or will they always long for the forbidden?

Note: The Good Sister: Part One is a 2-book series. It is best read/listened to in order. 




Top Ten Playlist for The Good Sister
Thanks so much for having me on your blog today to talk about my audiobook, The Good Sister: Part One. This is the first of a two-book erotic contemporary series, and was not only a labor of love to write, but also one to transform into audio.
Inspiration to write, for me anyway, comes from so many different things. A place, a picture, a song, a poem, and even quotes. The idea for The Good Sister came from a quote, and blossomed into a two book series. Here’s the quote that started it all:
We always long for the forbidden things, and desire what is denied us.
--Francois Rabelais
Along with the original inspiration, there’s also my love for music. All types of music. In fact, I find listening to music to be a necessity when I write. *Smiles* So, I thought I’d share my top ten songs that lean to the tone/feel of Trinity’s story. Who knows, you might find we have something in common with a song you love, or you might find something new you haven’t heard. Either way, I hope you enjoy The Good Sister: Part One, and gain a little insight into some of my inspiration while writing.

1.      One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful
2.      The Veronicas - Untouched
3.      Blue October – Ugly Side
4.      Bonnie Raitt – I Can’t Make You Love Me
5.      Rascal Flatts – I’m Movin’ On
6.      Adele - Promise This
7.      Taylor Swift – White Horse
8.      David Cook - Time of My Life
9.      Marcus Foster – I Was Broken
10.  Train – Marry me

You can find these songs and more on London’s You Tube Channel:


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***REVIEW*** Filthy by Megan D Martin


Faye Turner is a nineteen-year-old homeless prostitute addicted to cocaine.

Her life is simple, bouncing from one high to the next, bent over greasy truck seats for faceless men. But everything changes when Rhett Hale comes back into her life. Her devilishly handsome step-brother brings life-changing news and a special kind of hate reserved only for Faye. But all the hate in the world can’t hide Rhett’s lust for her.

He wants something wild. Something filthy.

And Faye is tempted to give him just that.

***Filthy is a dark erotic serial novel that will release monthly in segments of around 50 pages each. This book is not for those who like a traditional heroine. Faye and Rhett's story is dark, complicated, and twisted with themes that are not acceptable to all readers. Read at your own risk.***

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review. Here goes:

So we all know I love +Megan D. Martin  books, so I was pretty excited when I heard about this new novella series, and even more excited when my copy popped up in my inbox! It's a short book and was read in one sitting, just over an hour (I had to keep stopping for my kids lol). 

I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this being such a short book, but seeing the first line read 'Fuck, take it you little slut', I was rather eager to read more! The book is about a young girl of 19, Faye, who ran away from home and ended up making her living on the streets. Her step brother finds her, 3 years later, and takes her home with bad news. Even though Faye doesn't want to be there, the attraction to Rhett is back with a vengeance and it seems she will do anything she can to get her step brother into bed!!!

Now I know this is a bit of a taboo subject, BUT.... they are not related! And to be fair, it's legal lol. Not my cup of tea but it made for a heck of a good story!

I quite liked Faye, she has sass! She seems to be very grown u for her age, well I suppose she has to be in her line of business. But there is something sad hidden away in her memories, I can tell. Hopefully more will be revealed i the next installment!!

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Jennifer Kohout has redesigned one of her covers! Come check it out!

 So Jennifer Kohout has redesigned one of her book covers. What do you think? Gorgeous right!!

Keep reading for the book blurb and check out Jennifers giveaway too :)

Vivian Nox is the half-demon daughter of the fallen angel Lucifer, and she has an affinity for souls. As the owner of a pleasure house, Nox uses her power to give her clients what they want most, but when Caedus and Balthazar stride through her door, she recognizes them as her soul’s desire.
Caedus and Balthazar are both members of the Dark Guard, a group of demons tasked with protecting their kind from the sorcerers that would bind them and use their powers in the human realm. But membership in the Dark Guard isn’t the only thing Caedus and Balthazar share: they also share the love of the same female.

Iliana is everything a male could want, but everything changes when she takes her own life. Devastated, Caedus turns cold, denying anything resembling the softer side of emotion, while Balthazar struggles to hold the two of them together.

Still haunted by Iliana’s death, Caedus isn’t ready to repeat history, but when one of Nox’s pleasure slaves goes missing, he finds himself unable to turn away her request for help.

Their search reveals a killer loose in Hell, but that isn’t what worries Caedus. As he and Balthazar spend more time with Nox, Caedus begins to suspect that she won’t be happy with anything less than his soul.

WARNING: The book contains explicit descriptions of sex, including same gender sex, threesomes, and BDSM, and is intended for mature audiences only.