Monday, 4 August 2014

***REVIEW*** Filthy by Megan D Martin


Faye Turner is a nineteen-year-old homeless prostitute addicted to cocaine.

Her life is simple, bouncing from one high to the next, bent over greasy truck seats for faceless men. But everything changes when Rhett Hale comes back into her life. Her devilishly handsome step-brother brings life-changing news and a special kind of hate reserved only for Faye. But all the hate in the world can’t hide Rhett’s lust for her.

He wants something wild. Something filthy.

And Faye is tempted to give him just that.

***Filthy is a dark erotic serial novel that will release monthly in segments of around 50 pages each. This book is not for those who like a traditional heroine. Faye and Rhett's story is dark, complicated, and twisted with themes that are not acceptable to all readers. Read at your own risk.***

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review. Here goes:

So we all know I love +Megan D. Martin  books, so I was pretty excited when I heard about this new novella series, and even more excited when my copy popped up in my inbox! It's a short book and was read in one sitting, just over an hour (I had to keep stopping for my kids lol). 

I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this being such a short book, but seeing the first line read 'Fuck, take it you little slut', I was rather eager to read more! The book is about a young girl of 19, Faye, who ran away from home and ended up making her living on the streets. Her step brother finds her, 3 years later, and takes her home with bad news. Even though Faye doesn't want to be there, the attraction to Rhett is back with a vengeance and it seems she will do anything she can to get her step brother into bed!!!

Now I know this is a bit of a taboo subject, BUT.... they are not related! And to be fair, it's legal lol. Not my cup of tea but it made for a heck of a good story!

I quite liked Faye, she has sass! She seems to be very grown u for her age, well I suppose she has to be in her line of business. But there is something sad hidden away in her memories, I can tell. Hopefully more will be revealed i the next installment!!


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