Saturday, 31 August 2013

So... ink?


Do you like tattoos? Do you have any? Do you see a guy or gal with ink on a book cover and find it sexy?

I love tattoos, and am now working on my 16th which is a sleeve. I've had 2 sittings so far of 3 hours a time, yesterday being my second sitting. Needless to say my arm is hurting a little today! Here's some pics:

The outline done
After first sitting

second sitting butterflies

second sitting lily
second sitting lily underneath my arm

What do you think so far? I'm back on Thursday to get some of the background done!

And to answer my earlier question, I love sexy covers with sexy tattooed guys :D Here are a few of my favourites:

Yes I know, you can only see a little of his ink, but he's fab isn't he!!!

So, whats your thoughts on tattoos?


  1. I love tattoos! I have five butterflies across my stomach and hip. I love them but they now need a bit of touching up (and the stomach needs a bit of flattening up since having my children! lol)
    Loving yours by the way. x

    1. Thanks Samantha!

      Oh I love butterflies, I have 2 on my chest as well as the new ones. Yeah I always said I wouldn't get any on my stomach lol as the pregnancies have now wrecked it!



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