Saturday, 17 August 2013

***REVIEW*** Scars by Kiru Taye

Scars by +Kiru Taye

She clutches at control to cover her flaws. He wants to strip her bare because she's beautiful.
Selina Moss hides a secret beneath her controlled happy exterior. Her body is covered in scars and she's never revealed them to anyone. She's not beautiful and she doesn't want pity.
However, it's her wedding night and husband, Benjamin Moss, is determined to strip down her barriers.
Benjamin is not playing fair, not when he's deploying breath-stealing seduction as well as mind-melting sex toys. But will he still want her when she bares all?
I receieved a copy of this book from Kiru for being part of her Street Team. This means I must give an honest review. As always, I will :D
 I really enjoyed this story, and can't wait for the next insallment to come out! I had t stop reading half way through as it mentions the song Selina and Benjamin dance to as their wedding song, All My Life by Kaci and Jo-Jo. I just had to listen to it, I hadn't heard it in so long, and really like it. If you haven't heard it, click this link that will take you to youtube to check it out. I love it.
The stoyr was a lovely one, that actually had my heart melting a little at the end, but at first I found it to be really sad. When you learn about Selinas past (and I have to say you don't learn much, but enought to hit you), you just start to feel so bad for her, and I really hope things can go as planned (you'll see what I mean when you read it).  
Ben seems like a nice guy, a teaser too! Selina sounds real nice, I think me and her would be friends :)
A great book and start to the Passion Shields Series (which is a 10 book series btw!!!!!), keep 'em coming Kiru!!! 

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