Friday, 9 August 2013

*** REVIEW *** Chance by Ella Grey

Chance by Ella Grey (The Dare Encounters 1)

Jessica Tennyson has a poor excuse for a life, still in her twenties and working in a library. Too scared to live life and face rejection. She only goes out once a month to a restaurant with her best friend. When her friend cancels on her, the good-looking waiter Ben takes it on himself to entertain her. 
Ben Worthington likes to play and he's about to tempt Jessica into playing a game that will help them both. If he's not careful he could end up losing his heart to the beautiful blonde.

This book was nominated by me for my Babycentre Book Group book of the month choice, and it won :) It's just a short book, but I liked it. I liked the characters, and thought Ben seemed pretty damn hot too ;)

I liked the fact that Jessica let herself go and trusted Ben, letting him take her to great heights! I would like to read more of these and find out more about these dares, and see where things go for these 2.

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