Sunday, 4 August 2013

Weekly Recall! 28th July - 3rd August

Weekly Recall! 28th July-3rd August
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Hi there!

A lot of posts this week, and some different weather hre in Newcastle!! It's either roasting hot and blazing sunshine, or lashing down from the heavens! Still very warm though.

Well this week I reviewed Eternity by Christina J Loren. You can find the review here.

I also reviewed Blackened by Christina J Loren too. See the review here.

I reviewed Thousands of Mornings by Amanda Leigh, which you cna read the review of here.

I also read and reviewed Taken by Ava Delany. See the review here.

And my final review this week was Addicted to Adella by Anna Keraleigh. See the review here.

Author Nikki Prince was here this week answering my 20 qs, see what happened here.

AND..... The Nuthouse Scribblers are hosting a massive Blog Hop over the next few days, with loads of giveaways, and I took part in hosting. Check it out here!!

As for TV/Movies, again me and the other half have been catching up on more Sons of Anarchy lol! I love that darn show!! But I also yesterday caught Michael Bubles Day Off on YouTube that I had missed on ITV, so I was glad that was there!

Thats it for this week guys, hope you're having a good one!

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