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Giveaway and excerpt from author Violet Blue, Kissing: A Field Guide

Kissing is an art form. Bestselling author and columnist Violet Blue demonstrates how to become an expert in the field with a whole host of different tricks and tips inside this handy guide. Each chapter allows readers to choose - and perfect - their very own unforgettable kissing style. From learning how to time a kiss perfectly, how to deliver (and receive) a first kiss, and how to ask for kisses with body language, this guide has first base well and truly covered. Readers will discover all the secrets and fool proof techniques to becoming a sensual smoocher.


Types of Kisses:

The First Kiss
The most talked about, written about, and stressed about kiss on the planet, the First Kiss is the stuff that fond memories are made of. Or scary urban legends. It’s usually thought of as the first kiss between would-be lovers but it can sometimes happen so spontaneously that it’s as if you’re not in control—the body is having its own fun while the brain spins its wheels in giddy confusion. A first kiss is a romantic kiss, and if it’s shared between friends, it can change everything.

The Goodnight Kiss
At the end of the evening, when you and your date are about to part ways, it’s time for the Goodnight Kiss. Sometimes this is the much-anticipated First Kiss, though it can also be a sweet thank-you for a nice evening, or a kiss known as the
Taste of What’s to Come. All humanoids know that a Good-night Kiss can turn into so much more. That’s why we like it. When this kiss is shared between friends who feel a spark of attraction beneath all that friendship mumbo jumbo, we see just how close two friends can get. If you want to stay neutral yet let him know you like him more than a pat on the back, a well-placed Goodnight Kiss lands on the cheek. If you want to send a direct message that you’re attracted, plant a light one on the lips.

The Romantic Kiss
Everything is perfect—or not—for this intimate and compelling kiss. Romance is so much more than the setting—you can have a romantic kiss in a beautiful garden on a summer’s day or at a bus stop in a crappy neighbor-hood. What matters is the intimacy, the connection, and the rose-colored glasses. When you both feel hot for each other and the whole world melts away, it’s a Romantic Kiss, no matter where you are, who’s watching, or what’s going on around you. This kiss is all about the two of you, and it makes you the only two people in the world.

The Good-bye Kiss
This can be the fondest farewell, or the kiss-off, depending on how your date went. As a parting gesture it can be sweet and romantic, nervous and exciting, or a final sayonara that can be bittersweet or cold. Typically a kiss on the lips, it can also be a kiss on the cheek or forehead if you don’t know him very well or want to keep your friendship within limits. Usually the “good-bye” is said while delivering the kiss—but some sneaky dates might turn the Good-bye Kiss on the cheek into a Romantic Kiss with a quick turn of the head. Be on guard!

The Sweetheart Kiss
Light like a butterfly, yet it sends electric shocks up and down his spine—this kiss is delivered sweetly and packs a punch. This is one of the more erotically potent kisses without getting too naughty. The Sweetheart Kiss is a style of kiss that can be delivered anywhere, anytime you want to focus his attraction to you. These are light, full-mouthed kisses, but with no tongue, planted on any exposed part of the body that looks inviting. Push your lips forward slightly, but keep them soft (and your mouth closed). Purse your lips, then press evenly with your upper and lower lip at the same time. These kisses should linger for only a moment or two, no more than the length of a full breath. After that, move to another technique or pull back. If you linger for a second, move your head slightly (instead of your lips) for a variation.

The Lusty Kiss
This is much like a Sweetheart Kiss, but with more pressure, and you linger as long as you want—make it last, and it’ll be lusty. In addition, use your hands on his face, neck, and hair (unless he’s a male model), and include subtle movements of your head—but no tongue yet. This is the kiss that lights his fire, a nice transition from Sweetheart-kissing to French-kissing (see below), and it says that you’re ready to do more than peck each other on the lips or cheeks. Give this one when you’re ready to really show ’em you want ’em bad, and you’re willing to be bad to get what you want.

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