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Great Author: Doris O'Connor

I thought I'd do a blog post about an author I like every once in a while.

Today its Doris O'Connor.

After reading the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, I'd asked on my good and faithful Babycentre for books similar. 2 friends (Ali and Jackie I will be forever grateful!) recommended Doris books. Doris had been a member of Babycentre a while back, and is good friends with both above mentioned. So I checked out her books on kindle. These are her books I've read so far:

Goldie and Her Bears
'If you come down to the club tonight, you're sure to get a surprise'
3 shifters who run a BDSM club, make Goldie their submissive. You don't find out they are shifters until near the end, and yes of course they shift into bears. Jason, his brother Jacob and his sister Cat 'play' with Goldie and take her to places she'd never dreamed.

Astrid gets a great birthday present from her friend Lynn, she doesn't realise how good of a present it really is though. She is sent off to a little island, and meets Prince Rashid, he's basically an XXX aladdin! Astrid is there to have her needs taken care of in everyway possible by the prince, her very own fairytale.

The Last of his Kind
Another great erotic take on a fairytale. Penelope is having a quiet time in her family holiday home at Loch Ness, and comes across a naked, very sexy man who seems hurt. She takes him home to help him with his wounds. She feels something stir inside when she looks at him, and they have some extremely hot sex, and lots of mind blowing orgasms. Little does she know, he's not just a wounded man, but a very mysterious creature from whom she's known a long time.

Mr Satisfaction Guaranteed
Anna needs to get laid, and finds out about an escort service. She pays a lot of money, and meets Mr Satisfaction Guaranteed. And satisfaction guaranteed he is indeed. A good twist at the end which I never seen coming. And the ice! All I will say is the ice is good!

Riding her Tiger
Estelle meets Ink online. It soon turns into meeting in person, and what she finds is something she's not done before. Another great tale of shifters, and a brilliant Erotic take on The paranormal. Mistaken identity? Will things turn out as they should?

Tiger Scars
This is the second in the Ink series. Amazing, sexy, and very very hot. This one focuses more on Ink, which I liked. And I love the character of Grisha. I even think I may have a Little crush on him. I think the third book should be focused on him.

Doris seems to capture your attention brilliantly in her books. And even though they're short, I think they're the perfect size for the story they hold. The only one I've read so far which I think could have been longer, is Riding her Tiger, but I guess that's why its a series! I love the way Doris leaves you wanting more at the end of each book, which is the reason I've went straight back to amazon to buy another after finishing one. I hope she releases more stories, and I'm very happy she was recommend to me, otherwise I may not have found her.

I also think its fantastic that she can write such addictive and great books, whilst raising (with her husband) their 9 children!! She must be a very busy woman, and good at multi-tasking! She seems a lovely person too, accepting my friend request on Goodreads, and chatting with me from time to time.
I think Doris has introduced me very nicely into the genre of erotic fiction, and has me begging for more!!

Thank you Doris!!

You can find out all about Doris here:


  1. I so agree with all you say. Doris is a writing friend of mine, and without her I would not write as I do. She not only is an inspiration, she's a great motivator.
    You have a treat in store for you with the rest of her books :)

  2. Thank you so much, Dee. I am so glad you enjoy my books so much. :-D

    And thanks, Raven!x

  3. Thanks Raven! I'm desperate for club Ink 3, can barely contain my excitement!!

    Thank you for checking this out Doris, I meant every word. I love your books and look forward to reading more of them!!


  4. Doris is definitely an inspiration to many and a very talented writer. I'm so glad you 'found' her! And don't worry, we'll make sure she keeps on writing more ;)

  5. Couldn't agree more! I'm half way through my first 'Doris' book and certainly heading to amazon for more!

  6. Thanks Xandra, she needs to keep writing lol!

    Samantha, which book are you reading? I'm busy reading Scandinavian Scandal. God you're enjoying it!

  7. Doris is a fabulous writer. No matter how busy she is, she always has time to critique the work of others. If Doris gives advice, it would be a rather dense person who ignores it!


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