Sunday, 22 December 2013

***MOVIE REVIEW*** Hysteria


So I know I haven't been around for a while, so today I thought I'd do a movie review. Today's review will be on the movie 'Hysteria'.

I watched this today on my trusty Netflix account. I'd seen the trailer quite a while ago and thought it looked rather amusing.

Hysteria is based on true events back in the 19th century. Women were quite commonly diagnosed with hysteria, and the way to cure it? Basically a doctor found a way of using his fingers to bring each lady to orgasm! This then lead to another doctor making the first ever 'vibrator', and this was then used in doctor surgeries too, and then finally was produced to help 'hysterial' women at home.

The movie wasn't amazing I must say, I gave it 3/5, although I'm changing my mind to 2 stars. The best thing in the whole film was Hugh Dancy, just his beautiful face though :) very easy on the eyes that guy is.

Rupert Everret brought a small amount of comedy to the movie, but other than that, he didn't bring much else.

Would I recommend? If you want to know the story behind the worlds best selling sex toy then go ahead and watch it, otherwise, I woulnd't bother with it.


  1. I'd heard about the history of the vibrator but I didn't know there was a movie about it. I'll probably skip it.

    1. I had never heard of the history behind it until I saw the trailer for the movie. You won't be missing much by skipping the movie!


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