Monday, 10 February 2014

***REVIEW*** Theirs to Play by Kenya Wright

Theirs to Play (Billionaire Games 1) by Kenya Wright

Two billionaire brothers enjoy twisted games where women are the sport. They find a female, date her, and compete to see who can bed her first.

Too bad they picked the wrong one this time. Dawn's too smart for their verbal play and too quick to get trapped by clever ploys.

The more the brothers work to capture her heart, the more they discover she might not be theirs to play.

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review, and for taking part in her blog tour.

I thoroughly enjoyed this one, only the second book by Kenya Wright that I have read. I liked the idea behind this story, 2 rich guys with nothing to do, playing a game with women, each biding for the lady's... erm... panties really! But yes, it is wrong, and a lot of women's hearts were broken by believing these 2 brothers really liked them. So secretly I was hoping they got a taste of their own medicine!

I have to say, even thought the brothers Max and Freddy are rather big headed and obnoxious, I liked them! Freddy was my favourite of the two, and deep down I think he can be a bit of a sweetheart. Max on the other hand, to me, could change, but I think his gambling will always take priority in his life.

I liked Dawn though, a lot. She knew what she wanted, how far she wanted to go, and what she was willing to do to have a little taste of the high life with the brothers. Well, at least she did at first, until her head started to become clouded with the attention of the boys.

At first Dawn can't be bothered with the guys, but decides to go out for dinner with them, and that's when she finds out about their game. Along she plays, just for a week or 2, and only so she can have a couple of weeks living the life of a billionaire. But will she hold out on her morals? Will she fall for one of the guys? Find out for yourself and grab a copy!! 


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