Monday, 1 September 2014

A Note to My Readers xx

Hi folks :)

As you know my blog has taken a rather long hiatus recently. I am way behind on review books, and haven't really been blogging much. I also missed our 2 year blogoversary, which gutted me. I have decided to do a couple of things:

Lately reviewing every book I read has started feeling like a chore, which is why I think I have been neglecting Love Books? Blog Books! lately. So I will not review every book I read from now on, only ones I really want to review.

I will continue reviewing all books I receive as review books from authors and publishers though, and will continue doing spotlights, cover reveals, and promos.

I also won't be accepting reviews right now as I have a list very long still to get through, but when I start getting through the list again, I will accept new review books.

Thank you to everyone who still checks out and reads my blogs and reviews, and I ask you to be carry on with me here.

As usual, any book promo/spotlights/cover reveals, please contact me at the usual email (, or on twitter @LoveBooksBlog

Love to you all as always

Dee xxx

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