Friday, 7 December 2012

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

I actually really enjoyed this! I didn't think i would with it being a classic as I can never seem to get into 'classic' books, but I honestly enjoyed it.

I didn't realize it was as short as what it was, I thought it would have been longer.

I knew the story from seeing the movies, as a lot of people have, and found it taking me back to watching the film when I was younger.

I love the story of the 3 spirits visiting 'Old Scrooge' and showing him Christmas past, Christmas present, and Christmas future, and changing him because of what he is shown.

A wonderful story, and a great thing to read near Christmas time!


  1. It's so nice to hear of another person who isn't a fan of 'classics'. I'm glad I'm not alone. :-)

    Loved A Christmas Carol though, it's one of my favorite. A few other classics that I like are Macbeth and Dr. Faustus. Besides that, not much into that genre of fiction.

  2. I have tried so many classics Angelina!!

    I love To Kill A Mockingbird, not sure if this is a classic or not actually!! Not read Dr Faustus, and hated Macbeth at school!! Romeo and Juliet on the other hand is fab.


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