Saturday, 8 December 2012

Great Author: Torey Hayden

Another Great Author post today, and it's Torey Hayden.

I remember first finding Torey at a charity shop, Ghost Girl was around 20p there so I thought, hey why not give it a try. That book has stayed with me ever since. I can't see the TV show 'Dallas' without thinking of this book (if you've read it you'll know why). I have read every one of Torey's books, fiction and non-fiction. The most recent one I read was 'Innocent Foxes', her latest novel, which I really enjoyed (You can find my review here).

Her non-fiction works are traumatizing, sad, upsetting, wonderful, happy, heartbreaking reads. I say all this as at the start of each book you are so upset and concerned for the child in question (or children), but by the end when you see what has happened and what they have become, and how they have overcome all of the awful and horrendous stuff they have encountered in life, you are filled with joy, happiness and extreme pleasure that these children are doing well.

I remember being part of Torey Hayden's community online years ago, chatting to an array of different people who liked her books, and chatting to Torey once in a while too, but unfortunately it is no longer. I may have to try to get in contact with Torey again if I can. Anyway, on her site I found the poem, the poem Torey received from Sheila (One Child), and it really hit me, these stories aren't just stories, they are so damn real, and this poem made the books not just books, but real people. I guess sometimes you can read a non-fiction book, and forget that its not made up, this stuff did really happen. Check out the poem here.

As I said, I have read all of Toreys books now.

Her fictions:
The Sunflower Forest
Overheard in a Dream
Innocent Foxes

Her non-fictions:
One Child
The Tigers Child
Somebody Else's Kids
Silent Boy (Also known in America as Murphys Boy)
Ghost Girl
Just Another Kid
Beautiful Child
Twilight Children

They truly are amazing books, and after you've read them you do have to check out her site and see the messages from the children from her books.  I've made links of all the above books so click them and it will take you to the books page on Toreys site, that is where you can also see the messages.

So there we go. Torey is a great Author!! Check her out here!

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