Monday, 2 September 2013

Book buying spree!!

I've been on a book buying spree this morning!!

Thanks to +BreathlessPress Lycaon friends with benefits scheme, I got money off so grabbed loads of books. Here's the list!

Ad-Dick-tion Vol 2
Ad-Dick-tion Vol 3
Crimson Vol 1
Hot Shots Vol 1
Hot Shots Vol 2
Hot Shots Vol 3
Ravaged Vol 1

Ava Delany
A Librarians Deisre (The Beginnings book 2) by Ava Delany
A Suprising Day (The Beginnings book 3)
Captivated (The Fetish Club book 1)
Dominated (The Fetsish Club book 2)
Fallen (the Fetish Club book 3)

His Treasure (Men of Valor book 1)
His Strength (Men of Valor book 2)
His Princess (Men of Valor book 3)

Almost Entente Cordiale
Dec Mac Hall
La Bella Isabella (Ladies of London book 1)
The Best Man's Bridesmaid (Ladies of London book 2)
The Perfect Gift (Ladies of London book 3)
The Baronet's Bombshell
Teaching Teacher
To Catch a Fox

A Gentleman Never Does
Keeping House (Truth or Dare book 1)
Telling the Truth (Truth or Dare book 2)
Giving Up (Truth or Dare book 3)
Taking the Dare 9Truth or Dare book 4)
Risking it All (Truth or Dare book 5)
It's Simple Simon
Marks Opening Gambit

Haye Deborah Diddle
Alpha Chase
One Wild Vegas Night
Oh Christmas Tree


Mickey J Corrigan
Dream Job
Professional Grievers

Baby You're Cold Inside by Ivy Bateman
In Waters Deep by Kelly Yeakle
Precious Polly by Emmie Harrison
Rick Sexed up the Doc by +Leona Bushman 
Ride a Cock Horse by +Gayl Taylor 
The Silver Stiletto by Isabella Olivia Ellis
Bare Assed in the Park (Conquest Series book 1) by Azura Ice
Enough to go Around by Rose O'Tiel
Escorting Jessica by Carrie Pulkinen
Pyramid of Passion by +Jorja Lovett 
Alexios Fate (Apollo's Men book 1) by +Kayla Jameth 

Think I have enough to read?!?!


  1. well I reckon so... Thanks for buying some of mine

    1. No problem! I think I may have almost all of yours now Raven!

  2. Wow! Let the reading begin.

    And thank you!

  3. I've had my own book buying sprees recently and now I need to read through them! Thanks for being a connecting point between so many authors and readers.

  4. Thats the problem isn't it, you end up with too many books and not enough time! :)


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