Sunday, 8 September 2013

Weekly Recall! 1st September-7th September

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Hi :D

So this week has been fun with the kids going back to school (well my daughter did, my son goes back tomorrow!). They're growing up so quick!! It's time to think about Birthdays and Christmas now!! EEEEEK!!

This week, I joined in with The Nuthouse Scribblers Sexy Snippets. Check it out here.

This week I read and reviewed X by Jack Croxall. You can find my review here, and you can find the guest post here.

I done the Friday Five which i8s a meme hosted by, you can find the post here.

There was a cover reveal with Mickey J Corrigan for her new cover of Geekus Interruptus, you#ll find that beauty here.

I posted my Book Buying Spree list the other day in which I got 49 books for around £8.50!!! You can check the list out here.

And Laurel Cremant was around doing my 20qs this week. See what she had to say here.

Thats all for this week folks, until next time :D

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  1. That's an incredible book-buying deal you got! I'm jealous. LOL


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