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***REVIEW*** Vodka Warrior by Mickey J Corrigan

Vodka Warrior by Mickey J Corrigan

Her life's as dull as light beer until the body god moves in next door; then she goes for the hard stuff.
Theresa Tierney is a lonely divorcee who lives in a ranch house in Golden Date Palms, a tacky development in Dusky Beach, Florida. An educated hick who likes her drink, she's lost her teaching job due to some questionable personal choices.

Next door to Theresa, eighty year old Oscar lives in a rental house. When Oscar's new roommate arrives, a good-looking body god, Theresa is both curious and disgusted. A brash New Yorker, Vario says what he's thinking and looks sexy as hell doing it. The brawny mountain of pumped muscle is mega alpha male.
Vario invites his friends from a local strip club to party in his backyard hot tub. This makes Theresa angry. In fact, Vario continuously makes Theresa feel and do things she wasn't expecting.

A rollercoaster ride of screw-ups, lust and love makes this sexy little story a fun read.

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

After reading Mickey's first in 'The Hard Stuff' series and enjoying it, I couldn't turn down the second book, and I'm glad I didnt. A great novella, not a very long read.
When the very sexy 'bod God' as Theresa calls him, moves in as a roommate next door, he and Theresa don't exactly hit it off. In fact, she thinks he hates her! He's a pretty hot gym instructor, who seems to love playboy bunnies and hot rub parties. 

I quite liked Theresa, she just seemed like she'd hit a hard patch that she couldn't get out of. At first Vario seemed a bit if a pain in the arse to be honest lol! But I kinda liked his sass, and yeah I did like his character by the end.

I didn't feel any chemistry between the two though, although you could tell hiw he made Theresa feel when he was around her! 

A rather good little novella, and I really liked the ending.

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