Thursday, 10 January 2013

The All American Family: Episode 6, Save Jacobs Knee by Brook Syers

This was great!

I fell in love with this family a while back, and Brook himself knows how much I enjoy these stories, as I keep pestering him about the next ones!

So when I heard from Brook that episode 6 was being released, I jumped straight onto my kindle and downloaded it.

These stories are really funny. In this one, episode 6, Susan has some therapy to try to cure her of her Twilight addiction. Will it work? their dog Jacob, needs surgery on his knee (hence the title0, which is gong to cost a lot of money. So the family decide to have a garage sale to raise the cash. New neighbors offer them a hefty sum, for some things at the sale, but what is their ulterior motive?

I will say no more as not to cause spoilers!

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