Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Vanilla Free Christmas

What more could you want in lovely little read over the holidays. This book has it all, Elves, Santa, Snow.... shifters?! :D

9 stories from 9 great erotic authors. I loved them all, some more than others I will admit, but they were all very good.... and very naughty! This is exactly what I expected though, as knowing these authors, naughty is quite possibly their middle names!

Here is what I thought of each story.

#1 - Santa's Beard by Doris O'Connor
In Doris story, I was so happy to hear the long awaited name of Club Ink being mentioned! Doris knows I am a massive fan of the Club Ink series, so was very happy with it being mentioned in this story! The tale of a lonely woman and her 2 cats, who come to life to bring her pleasure, of all kinds! We should have know Doris would have shifters in her tale, as she's so damn good at writing about them!

#2 - The Olympian by Sandra Bunino
I've not read any of Ms Bunino's stories before, but quite enjoyed this one. Who wouldn't want to be trapped in a snow storm, in a cosy log cabin with hunky man who is basically undressing you with his eyes? I would. Minus the head bump though!

#3 - Three in a Tub by Giselle Renarde
Three in a tub was different. A woman, her soon to be husband, and the plumber/bath fitter, having an awesome menage a trois in this newly fitted bath tub! Good story, but seemed a bit strange that her soon to be husband would offer her up for a threesome after proposing!

#4 - A Few of My Favorite Things by Seleste DeLaney
This was about an elf named Autumn, who was desperate to have some fun with her best friend Storm. But... she was also doing some rather naughty stuff with Santa, her Dom! Good story, interesting!

#5 - The Man Inside by Lila Shaw
2 office friends, who work up the courage to have some fantastic, and filmed, sex! Hiding behind masks is their thing, and I actually quite enjoyed it!

#6 - Who's Been Naughty and Nice? by Vanessa Devereaux
Laura finds an ad for an agency who can set you up with a perfect man, to fulfill your perfect desires. Laura chooses a victorian maid. But after, a storm forces her and her mystery man to spend the night together. I'm glad things went the way they did in this story, I really enjoyed it, and was rooting for them both from the start!

#7 - Secrets Santa by Raven McAllan
Not one of the best stories in this book, but still rather good non the less. I enjoyed the whole 'hearing the voices' part, but I wasn't so sure on the ending for some reason. I think the story was a little strange as to why the guy stayed away for so long.

#8 - Faith's Gift by R. Brennan
Why Ms Brennan... You are fantastic! I loved this story, my favourite from this book! Richard was a very attractive, hunky character, and I had a pretty good image of him in my head! It was nice that this went a romantic way too, and I'm so glad Faith took up the dog sitting job now!!!!

#9 - A Very Furry Christmas by Jorja Lovett

Oh wow another great story! sexy, hockey players, dressed up... what more could we ask for! Caitlins fetish is a little strange, but the scene in the street with her hunky polar bear, great!


  1. Thanks for the great Review, Dee :-) Btw, I am planning more actual Club Ink stories. Those shifters just need some coaxing to spill their past to me.

    1. Thanks for the nice review, Dee! Glad you enjoyed the anthology. :)

    2. You're welcome Lila! Thanks for the good story!


  2. An amazing review! I am super stoked you enjoyed the anthology, and especially Faith's Gift -- Thanks so much and Happy New Year!

    (R. Brennan)

    1. Happy New year Bex!

      You're very welcome. Thanks for the fantastic story!

      Dee x

  3. Thanks for the great review. I'm especially stoked that you enjoyed Faith's Gift so much. I had been considering writing a series of stories surrounding Faith's journey into submission, and I am glad to hear she resonated.

    Happy New Year!
    (R. Brennan)

  4. Well I'd definitely read them!


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