Saturday, 9 November 2013

Great Author: Megan D Martin

Once in a while I do a great author post about an author I really like.

Today my great author is +Megan D. Martin

I met Megan online through my blog, and she has slowly crept into my life as a friend :D A very lovely person, although she can be a bit cooky sometimes lol! I have read some brilliant books through her recommendations, but have also been introduced to her amazing books too.

I was first introduced to Megan's stories when Megan emailed me asking me tor review her book 'Forbidden Angel'. I remember being really excited as I had never been asked by an author to review one of their books before. Forbidden Angel was brilliant. Megan again contacted me with a copy of her other story 'Soldier in Chains' which I jumped at.

Since then Megan has sent me copies of all of her books (which I am incredibly grateful for) and one in particular made me feel very special. Megan sent me a copy of Alive: The Crave book 1, well before it was even sent to the editor or publisher. I was so blummin chuffed and seriously loved the book.

Megan's stories have all pulled me in from the get go, and she is creeping up on my list of favourite authors ever!
If you haven't tried one of Megan's stories, please head over to her site here

and check her books out!


  1. Hi, Dee. Great post. I look forward to reading Megan's books.

  2. Awwwww thank you Dee! I would not be the writer I am without your input and support! You are awesome, even if you did call me cocky ;)
    LOL! I heart you<3


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