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*** REVIEW **** Summer of Surrender by Zara Stoneley

Summer of Surrender by Zara Stoneley
Sex is the only thing they have in common. Total surrender the name of the game.

James had it all. Good education. City job and a wife he would have been willing to die for. Their motto had been work hard, play hard, but she’d pushed the boundaries too far and he’d walked. Became the man he felt he needed to be. Detached. In control.

Free spirit Kezia lives each day at a time; sharing, loving and giving are unconditional. And sex is part of the sharing.

When fate leaves James and Kezia trapped together for the summer, her openness is an invitation he just can’t resist. The attraction is instant, the sex all-consuming. And as their fantasies become reality, James begins to realise that willing surrender is a far different pleasure to forced submission…

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review. Here goes:

I really enjoyed this. I have to say I was pulled in from the start. Kezia climbing over a gate in a lovely dress made me wonder what the hell she was doing, so I carried on reading as I was walking to pick the kids up from school! Good job I know which way to walk as I didn't look up from my kindle app almost the whole way there! Anyway, back to the book. 

Poor Kezia stuck on top of that gate had me wanting to know what she was doing there, and the mysterious stranger who pops up out of nowhere in the dark, and catches her as she falls, well that made me even more interested. You learn that Kezia has gone off to some stables/riding school (which isn't really a riding school lol, well not that kind of riding anyway ;p), as she met a nice lady while travelling who told her there would be a job there for her. Well, this lady, Marie, isn't there, just James who has been left to stay there by himself over the summer while the school is closed and look after the horses.

Kezia doesn't really like James at first, but decides to stay overnight anyway seeing as she has nowhere else to go. They actually are more alike than they think. I loved Kezia's character, and really felt for her when you learn of her past. She is a girl with nowhere to go, and nothing but a backpack and a guitar to her name, but does she mind? Nope, this is her life, she likes all the travelling and not staying in the same place too long, but once she meets James and sees what it could be like having a permanent residence, she starts to wonder whether staying in once place could be a good thing. 

James is a strong, lovable character. At first I wasn't too keen on him, but once the story got going, then yeah I liked him :) He seemed to really care about Kezia. 

There were some quite fabulous sex scenes too, which were expected when you learn about what James does for a living! Zara wrote them with a lot of passion.

All in all, I quite liked this book, and gave it 4 stars on Goodreads.

Check it out!!


  1. This is currently on my TBR list so I look forward to reading it.
    BTW I met Zara at the Festival of Romance last Saturday in Bedford.

  2. Thanks for the fab review Dee - I'm so pleased you enjoyed it!! (huge sigh of relief!)
    And it was brilliant to meet you in Bedford, Kiru - hope we get to meet up again soon :-)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and checking my review Zara!


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