Wednesday, 13 November 2013

***REVIEW*** The Girl on the Bus by Raven McAllan

The Girl on The Bus by Raven McAllan

Julia ran out on Tay five years ago, so she can't be the woman he sees on the bus. However, when she ends up being the one taking notes at his meeting, he knows he will move heaven and earth to make her his once more.

Will she agree, or will she run again?

I received a copy of this from the author in return for an honest review. Here goes:

I love Evernight's Romance On The Go line, nice quick readsfor when you don't have much time :)
I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I was really excited to find out whether Julia went back to Tay and her old life. You'll just have to read it to find out for yourselves! 
Can you imagine, being with someone then having them leave? Now, can you imagine seeing them on a passing bus 5 years later! Well this is what happens in this story. Tay knows it was her, so he tries to find her, only to see her appear a taking notes at a meeting of his!  I loved that surprise and it certainly surprised Tay.
The story in this book pulled me in and I found myself not wanting to put the book down. The scenes at the club were great, and  I think Raven captured Silver's feelings in the club very well. I liked Silver, she made me feel like we could be friends in real life. Tay was pretty hot I must say :)

The wax play scene was my favorite when Silver eventually submits to Tay, kneeling before him, reciting her safewords.

The ending was great, but no spoilers from me. Please grab this quick read, you won't be sorry!!



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