Monday, 25 November 2013

*** REVIEW *** Outcast by Kiru Taye

Outcast (The Sacred Amulet 1) by Kiru Taye

Ugo’ji is an outcast, an untouchable. She lives on the fringe of society as the lowest of the low, a living sacrifice to the gods. The only person she interacts with is her aged grandmother Nne who nurtures her powerful gift of healing. Until the day she meets Ebube a strange warrior to their lands. He ignites a yearning within her she's unable to ignore.

Ebube is drawn to the young maiden with the emerald green eyes who possesses the body of a goddess and the healing touch of an angel. But he is forbidden from mating with a human and the consequence is the wrath of the gods.

Moreover he is on a mission. If he fails, the gates of hell will be opened and the earth plunged into darkness. He cannot stay and she cannot go with him.

I grabbed this for free when it was on offer after it released. Here's my review. 

First off I must say I really enjoy Kiru's books, and this one was fab too :)
Secondly, I love the name Ebube. I have actually met a little boy (nephew of a friend) who's name ia Ebube, and I think it's lovely :)

Outcast is a nice book, lovely story so far. I am itching for book 2 to come out so I can find out more about Ugo's past and why her and Nne live outside of their village. I mean, you pick little things up, but after finishing Outcast, you still don't know what has happened. 

I liked Ugo's character a lot. She seems a very loving girl who just wants to be accepted and loved.
Ebube is rather mysterious I thought. A strong man, with a deep soul. I can't wait to find out more about him :)

Nne was a really nice character, I could feel myself warming to her. A nice little grandmother who obviously loves her granddaughter a great deal. 

The story was good, a very nice scene with Ugo and Ebube down by the riverside. But the scene which got me most was when Ugo first finda Ebube, hurt and unconscious. There was mystery too, with the being at the start who disguised himself to look like Ebube. I really need to know more about that!

A good story from Kiru, and I'm looking forward to the second book in The Sacred Amulet series to arrive :)

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