Thursday, 2 January 2014

2014 :) Resolutions

Happy 2014 folks!!!!

I hop the new year is seeing you well, and you all had a fabulous Christmas. We had a lovely Christmas, and the kids seemed to love it!

This year I have a few things I want done. Here is my list:

* Last year I didn't complete my Goodreads reading challenge, although I didn't do bad, 91/100. So again this year I have challenged myself to 100 books, I'm sure  I will do it this year!

* I am taking part in Around The World in 80 Books Challenge (which you will find here and I'm still doing the A-Z challenge too which you will find on the same link.

* I want to write a bit more. I seem to get easily distracted so I need to learn little more self control!

* I NEED to read the books I already have on my bookcase, as they have been sitting there for who knows how long! I have just ave over 50 books away to family and friends, so another goal is to give each book to someone else after I have read it, instead of hoarding them!!

* My blog needs a bit more attention too. I was posting at least 4/5 times a week at one point, now it's sometimes once a week. More will come!!!

* I want to pour a lot of energy into my sons schooling for September as we are having a rather big battle with the professionals about where he should go. We WILL win, so our heads really need to be in the game.

* a few more personal ones like lose more weight, maybe give up smoking at some point, and love myself a lot more.

Hope 2014 is good to you all, and please feel free to share some of your resolutions!!!

Happy reading :)

Dee xx


  1. A great to-do list, Dee. I hope you achieve all you desire.
    Remember if you need help with anything, I've got your back.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you very much Kiru :) that means a lot x

      happy new year!


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