Monday, 27 January 2014

Movie Monday!!!

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Welcome back to Movie Monday folks!

I haven't watched any movies this week, so I will catch up on a movie I watched last week. That movie was 'Flowers in The Attic'.

I watched this right after reading the book, and oh I have to say I didn't enjoy it at all. I don't know if that was because I had literally just finished the book the day before, or if the movie just isn't that good.

I found a lot of things from the book had been left out or changed, things I felt would have made the movie better. For example, in the movie, the butler knew about the children, in the book he didn't. I preferred it in the book, where Mommy and the Grandmother were the only ones who knew. And who was that guy with all the dogs?! They left out the scene where Cathy and Chris escaped and ran to the lake for a midnight swim, in the movie they get out of the window onto the roof, but Chris almost falls into the mouths of those dogs, so he climbs back up and they go back inside.

To be honest, I'd rather not have watched it, but things can't be unwatched can they lol.

** 2 STARS

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  1. LOL. I know the feeling of when you watch something and you feel like you should un-watch it.


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