Monday, 20 January 2014

Movie monday!!!!


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Hi Guys

Todays' Movie is '2 Guns' featuring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg.

Me and the other half watched this last week, we had £5 free credit on BlinkBox which was about to run out so we grabbed 2 Guns to watch.

I was rather impressed actually. I mean it wasn't amazing, but it was quite good. There was a lot of comedy in it, and to be honest it was good 'giggle' comedy.

First off, I wasn't particularly looking forward to Mark Wahlbrg being in this, as the last 2 movies I watched him in (Ted, and The Other Guys), weren't exactly his best. I just thought he wasn't a very good actor anymore. But... 2 Guns proved me wrong as his acting was quite good, and he played his character well.

So, the storyline was well done. Denzel being an undercover CIA Agent, and Wahlberg being an undercover Naval Intelligence Officer.Well, either of these guys in a uniform is enough for me ;) But the fun part was that neither knew the the other was undercover.

A lot of shooting at bad guys (and occasionally each other lol), a little romance, some laugh out loud comedy, and some awesome action!!!!!

**** 4 Stars

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