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In the Recess of her Soul by Raven McAllan

In the Recess of her Soul by Raven McAllan

Release your inner devil and pay the price. Was a year of hot sex worth the humiliation to come?

For over a year, Livvy woke up sobbing, hot, bothered, and reaching for something. Sael was the something, but he had a secret, one that would make or break them, and could well cost him his existence.

I received this from Raven a while back, my apologies to her for not reading it sooner!

Luckily, my 2 little ones who are full of cold, sat on the sofa this morning watching their much loved 'Gruffalo' movies, and let me read this book from start to finish! 

This was Ravens first venture into the Supernatural/paranormal erotic genre. And I must say, she done it well!

I loved the character of Livvy, a lady who knows what she wants and is not afraid to stand up for it! She had some rather witty one liners in there too. 

Sael was hot, a devil maybe, but I loved the way he used his words, and honestly, he could have bowled me over! 

I don't want to put any spoilers out here, but lets just say you'll be suprised at the ending, I was! What a  twist I never saw coming!

So if you like the sound of this, get your hands on a kindle copy at Amazon

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Author Bio

Raven lives in Scotland, along with her husband and their two cats—their children having flown the nest—surrounded by beautiful scenery, which inspires a lot of the settings in her books.

She is used to sharing her life with the occasional deer, red squirrel, and lost tourist, to say nothing of the scourge of Scotland—the midge.

Her very understanding, and long-suffering DH, is used to his questions unanswered, the dust bunnies greeting him as he walks through the door, and rescuing burned offerings from the Aga. (And passing her a glass of wine as she types furiously.)


  1. wow thanks Dee. I so enjoyed writing about these two, and some of their 'friends' keep asking for their story to be told

    1. You're welcome :)

      I think their friends stories should be told *hint hint* ;)

  2. How fun :D She's a superb writer!! and I love her author pic :)

  3. A lovely review, Dee. Raven's stories are certainly fun to read.

    1. Thank you kiru :) I totally agree about Ravens stories, , they're fab x


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